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Oldham County Public Schools Reviews

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I moved to oldham county schools when I was in 8th grade. i have really enjoyed the district and their one on one with the students. i was in jefferson county schools and i didnt do as well down there as im doing here. they make me feel so welcomed and appreciated and i am proud of the process i have made since ive been in the school district.
Oldham County schools gives students a great learning experience, and sends them with many opportunities for their future.
The teachers are very willing to work with you and are very nice people. That being said, some of the administration can be slow with important features.
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I’ve been in Oldham county schools since kindergarten, my experience has been great, my teachers for the most part have taught me many valuable things and have genuinely cared about my education.
Oldham County Schools have high quality teachers who care about the students. They have high academic expectations. Children attend schools close to their homes. Security in the schools is good and the high schools have safety officers. Does not have a lot of diversity, but that seems to be improving. Overall the schools do a good job educating all children including those with disabilities. They have services for gifted students too.
Oldham County School system has a small town feel where parent involvement is high, and teachers care for the success of the children. Role models and mentors in the community. Students are encouraged to develop as community leaders.
Oldham county schools are amazing. Oldham county is somewhere where students can feel safe and express themselves any way they want. Oldham county teachers care about the education their students recieve to succeed.
At Oldham County Middle School I excelled in all classes because my teachers always pushed me to be my best and prepared me for college in so many ways. When I first arrived here there were so many options for extra circulars and sports.
I spent the majority of my life in the Oldham County school system and it is by far the best school system there is. My high school experience was by far the best 4 years of my life.
My personal experience in the Oldham County was a good one but I can't speak for other students. School Work wasn't very challenging for me personally and a lot of kids I hung out with, of course this all depends on what type of student you are. I loved the majority of the teachers I had and they really do care about the students. Overall I had a great experience here.
Ranks high in testing in the state of Kentucky. Much like other high schools. Low crime. School building is old, lockers are small, in need of repair.
I have been in Oldham County school district for every year of schooling. The school system had provided my peers and i countless opportunities to grow and develop on the things we are most passionate about. Attending three schools in the district elementary, middle and high i have never had a bad teacher. The staff in all schools have invested time into my education and pushed me to be the best i could. The school system is constantly developing programs and creating events so all student have things to thrive in. Whether its elite basketball programs or lego battle teams the country provides activities for all types of students. I believe i would not be the college ready student i am today if i attend schools in a different system.
The staff cares about the students' education and actively helps each student to do well. There are many opportunities through AP classes and dual-enrollment/college classes, as well as advanced and normal classes. Nice people all around.
Oldham County High School has given me the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and teams, while keeping up with my courses and working part time. the teachers are always willing to help and are very mindful of student's life outside of school. coursework is manageable, and extremely helpful. teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods to accommodate all types of students. i always feel like i can trust my teachers and ask them questions throughout class. while teaching and encouraging me to be independent, i have also always felt taken care of and cared about. as a senior, i have had so much fun seeing all of the school spirit and watching all classes come together as a family during both the good and bad times. our community is full of love and i am so happy to be apart of the Oldham County school district.
great teachers! Many rules and regulations, especially regarding attendance, are frivolous. Regular classes are not very challenging. There are many AP and honors classes offered, which will better prepare students. Although it is a good school, it is greatly lacking in diversity, financially and racially.
I attended South Oldham High School. While most of the teachers are great there are a few that can be a bit challenging but overall they are great. The school is very old and can be very cold or hot depending on the weather.
The Oldham County Public School district is a reliable, responsible district that does well with managing the many schools under their wing.
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Oldham County has had the best school district I've ever been in. There are so many opportunities fro students to learn. The teachers are great and are always there for you when you need help!
I like that as students we have a choice in the classes we take. I also like that we are given the ability to learn and explore about different careers. I wish that there was more information about colleges given to us but our councilors will give it to us if we ask. Overall I really enjoy the schools.
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