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Most of the faculty is willing to go out of their way to see students thrive. The small size provides ample one on one with teachers and allows students better access to have questions answered in class. The local colleges also work with the school to provide outside access to advantages of CCP courses and college readiness.
Old Fort High School has been great working with me on my CCP classes. I am able to further my education and get a great head start on my bachelors degree.
Old Fort is the best school for you! The community is what holds our little world together. No matter what function or game there is always a bushel of fans cheering you on. The teachers, administrators, and fellow students want nothing more but for you to succeed. That is the best characteristic about my loving and wholesome school. I would never want to go anywhere else. The people in that community have prepared me to the fullest extent. I know that even after I leave I will always have a home in Old Fort.
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Old Fort is a close knit community. The teachers are understanding and supportive. The students are accepting to new students. Student engage in lots of extracurricular activities. In fact, students can easily be three sport athletes here.
Old Fort High School has provided me with lifelong friends. This small community has a lot of heart and is always supporting anyone within it. The one thing this school lacks is diversity which is understandable considering it in the middle of nowhere in rural ohio. The sports teams have been fairly successful here and they continue to grow year by year. The school also offers a lot of CCP classes taught in the comfort of a high school classroom.
I have been going to Old Fort for 9 years and I am now a senior. All of my years spent at this school have been the best i could of possibly had. I am a three sport athlete and while there was some of the usual name games(players with a last name of a prominent parent were favored) it wasn't bad because the coaching staff let you prove yourself to get the playing time. The girls basketball team ended up being regional finalists last year (2017) and the program has never looked better. The academics, teachers, and administration are all supportive and will prepare me for college. The school has never had any safety issues and it is the best in the area.
Old Fort High School is an excellent small town school, though does come with small town values. Graduating in a class of thirty five students, it was difficult to find myself and others with similar views, as most of my peers had the same backgrounds. Though the school is not diverse in any sense of the word, Old Fort's teachers and staff have helped me become the person I am today, and prepared me the start of my working life.
Old Fort is a wonderful place to send your kids. It is very small, so students have every opportunity to be a part of something. I can honestly say that Old Fort successfully prepared me college.
I transferred to this school as an eighth grader. The teachers and staff as well as fellow students were very welcoming. The teachers are very helpful with school work and are easy to talk to. Most of the student body has a lot of school spirit, but only for certain sports specifically. Otherwise it is a nice school.
I think that Old Fort Local Schools is an excellent school, however there are many changes that need to be made.We need more clubs and activities to do. We need much more diversity. We need more resources, and parent involvement. Finally we NEED BETTER FOOD.
The excellent academics and teacher involvement in student learning is very present. I immensely enjoyed the involvement of the community, which supported academic and sports programs alike. The student body has also created an atmosphere of school spirit and support from club, team, or cast. However, I would like to see the lack of trust in students, mainly seniors, to have the ability of open lunch or an open campus; to come late or leave early.
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