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This is a small school offering small classes and limited choice of classes. All students mus be engaged in school activities.
I have been attending this school since the 6th grade. I am very close with all of my classmates, there are no "cliques" and the teachers are outstanding. I loved how anyone would help you with anything you needed, and everyone supported you no matter what.
Old Forge High School is your average small town high school. Nothing too terrible, nothing too great. Although no AP courses are available, and I really don't feel that I had any proper preparation for college. Some teachers are great, great for friends and great for teaching. Others are one or the other, and very few are neither. This school is a tightly knit community, and I don't believe bullying is a major problem here. Although, there are a lot of jerks to be had here, along with some nicer kids, and many unmemorable people. Overall, it is a fine high school, it did it's job in teaching me the courses I needed, even though those courses are harder than at most schools and the courses that we could really use for college aren't offered.
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I believe that the small Old Forge School District shaped me to be the woman I am today. Having the opportunity to participate in whatever activity I wanted let me explore my likes and interests. From my freshman to senior year I was a part of the varsity golf, basketball and softball teams. I was in the Math and Science club, the French club, and the Leo club. While juggling all of the sports and clubs, I also had a part time job as a waitress. Having all of the opportunities in the would at my fingertips, I learned how to manage my time and still succeed. If I had gone to a different high school, or lived in a different town, I would not be the woman I am today.
If you did not grow up in the town or play sports, i do not recommend this school. Bullying is very bad, but if your child plays sports for the school, they will get away with whatever they want. Small school, everyone knows each others business.
I like how close everyone is in the school. Whenever there is a big event, everyone rallies together and makes the experience amazing! Everyone is always there for you when you need someone. The only thing I would change is the fact everyone knows everything about everyone. There is no escaping anything, which obviously cannot be changed in a small town and school like Old Forge.
Old Forge School District is a very close knit place. It is a great place to be at, if you ever need help with anything you can go to any administration and they would be happy to help you. As far as the community of Old Forge goes, who wouldnt want to be a part of a town that takes so much pride in each and everything they do. Old Forge is a great town and school district to be a part of.
Overall, Old Forge School District is a better school than the schools that are close to us. Although they are mostly focused on football, it is a safe school that has decent teachers. Some teachers genuinely care while others do not, but you will find that within any school district.
Very small town feel. I grew up in the town my whole life and the sense of community is very comforting. that feeling extends to the school and i wouldn't want to go to school anywhere else.
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