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This is a nice school, but, I feel that I didn't get too much out of it. I'm definately not college ready.
Best teachers, good academics, very diverse. An amazing high school, kids know how to have fun but also study.
Guidance counselors were amazing and helpful. Certain teachers were phenomenal and went above and beyond to help the students. The atmosphere for the most part was good with school spirit and pride. I truly felt safe when I was at school and the administration worked really hard to achieve that.
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Old Bridge High School is a place with endless opportunities and thousands of kids who you can create amazing memories with. The school is always trying to create clubs and social gatherings to unite our school and classmates more than we already have, which is the best thing you can ask for. You have a sense of safeness because you know there are people you can count on, whether it's staff or classmates. As an upcoming senior with a lot of restrictions this year due to covid, I have realized that I have a lot of staff and friends who care for me and want to see me succeed at Old Bridge High School and after graduating too. They prepare for my future and teach me valuable life lessons that I will forever have with me.
Old Bridge Township school district has a lot of awesome teachers and opportunities to meet great people. I enjoyed all my years attending public school.
My school is great. We have amazing staff, students, and extracurriculars. Theirs something for everyone to try. We also have a large variety of classes so you can take what interests you.
This is my first year at this school and I have loved every moment I have spent in Old Bridge High School as a 12th grader.
I was so fortunate to get the best education. I was taught by teachers who were knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects they were teaching, especially my AP teachers! Our administration cares about each of us as well as all the staff.
As a student who is about to graduate and has gone through the Old Bridge Township School District, my overall experience has been positive. I have received a strong education and also had the chance to grow up in a setting where the community is close-knit, diverse, and filled with opportunity. Old Bridge is a place where everyone can be involved, whether it be with community service activities, sports, clubs, or the countless programs the district has to offer. The town of Old Bridge and its schools have shaped me into the person I am today.
Overall positive experience. Very diverse group of friends. Wide array of sports and clubs to choose from. Varying levels of academic studies, from college prep, honors and AP.
The teachers that my daughter had to this point where very good. Great principle talks to everyone administration very helpful... one more year too go and I’m sad!!!!
Great teachers and rigorous curriculum. Great sports programs. Music program is wonderful. Administration involved and caring in many ways.
Old Bridge High is a great place to start your journey towards college. They have advanced courses that can take you where you want to go. Great teacher, atmosphere even with all the educational budget cuts. Go Knights!
it was pretty lit Go Sasso! I feel like the teachers really cared about your future and wanted you to succeed. the administration was also quite forgiving and always pushed everyone to do their best in all facets of life.
I graduated from old bridge high school once a Knight always a Knight. I loved my art classes and language courses that I took all because of an amazing teachers. Loved my experience.
At my four years at Old Bridge High School I’ve learned it’s very different from most schools. We as a school are a family, from sports to school we do everything together. This past year the death of Zach Attinese has brought our town together. We all were deveststed by the lose but as a town we were all there for one another to supper each other and to cry on each other’s shoulders. We aren’t perfect but we are a family and no one can take that away from Old Bridge
Old bridge is very inviting and accepting in the entire district. they offer so much for ages of all kinds
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Old bridge schools are a family many look out for each other we could always go to an administrator any time we needed to even if just to talk and check in .
There is a lot to say about Old Bridge High School. There are many teachers who put out so much for their students, staying after and working day and night to prepare their students. With the exception of a few, I could not complain. The administration is amazing, and our school spirit is unmatched.
I like the school, there are many clubs for everyone to get involved in. we have great sports programs. the only thing to change would be the bathroom policy.
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