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I've gone here since 8th grade and I feel like I've been properly prepared for college. Sometimes the counselors lack at getting back to you or getting things done.
I started going here so that I could work at my own pace. I can now have a more flexible schedule. There were also more classes that were offered that I was interested in. The teachers are nice and are always available to help.
It was very flexible, easy to navigate, and the teachers were overall professional and easy to work with. Overall they were an excellent school with a caring staff. However, the one thing they could improve on was college readiness.
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I joined almost 6 years ago, within a year I went from a failing student to an honors student. The flexible schedule works well with the many hobbies and I wouldn't have been this successful in any other school.
Oklahoma Connections Academy has been quite an experience. First, there are so many incredible and intelligent teachers that have helped me and have showed how much they care about each of our lives when it comes to school. Online school isn’t my favorite type of way to learn and I have had my downs with the class work since it is quite a lot to do. Overall this is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to start online schooling. The teachers are so nice and friendly so you don’t have to feel shy!
Everything about this school was such a good experience. Although it is an online school, they still do lots of the same things as your traditional school. They have prom, field trips, and even study sessions where you can webcam with the teacher and other classmates. The communication is always clear and it was great to go here.
Good school i would recommend that if ur kid has troubles in schools or doesn't like school because they r bullied perfect school
Oklahoma Connections Academy was truly an amazing experience for me. I feel that I had a great education with this program because I had teachers that really cared about their students success and prepared them for the future. If requested, I would do it all over again.
I have been with Oklahoma connections for three years now, and it is an excellent school because it allows freedom to work whenever is best for you. The academics are average; the teachers do a great job making sure you're on schedule, and they always have an activity to participate in. A significant flaw in the school is that it is easy to find answers online.
I was, and will forever, be greatly impressed by the teachers' involvement in this online charter experience.
They're actually a really good online school. They need to work on some of their classes, as sometimes the instructions in the lesson aren't clear. I believe they'll properly prepare you for the future, and whatever career path you decide to pursue.
I wouldn't say anything should change, but if you decide to do online school you should only do it if you want to be challenged. You aren't graded on busy work like you are in regular High School, it's all just based off of quizzes, tests, and projects.
Oklahoma Connections Academy is a fantastic place to start and complete your education. It is a very hands on and student involved online school. The format for learning is designed to help the students fully understand each course and successfully pass with good grades.
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