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The one thing that I truly like about Oklahoma City Public School is the community that everyone gets to be apart of. I know that when attending Oklahoma City Public School I have a group of people that will support me and my education whether it is other students or teachers. With that there are a few things I would like to change, such as the amount being funded to our district, since it’s the lowest compared to any other states in America. By that change it will provide better opportunities for students education to have in Oklahoma City Public School that we didn’t have before.
What I liked about OKCPS is the diversity. How everyone tries to make a change in each others life's. OKCPS might not be the best but it had many good schools where kids can shine.
I’ve been in this okcps district for 5 or 6 years now and I haven’t seen a change into my school or district until the pathway to greatness existed. I spent my whole middle school and high school life with mediocre outcome just to get a change my last year.
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My experience in Okcps was okay. I didn’t learn a lot cause of the teacher walk out, budget cuts and etc. We were very limit to supplies. Overall I could of learn more.
I graduated from Southeast High School. Some teachers were great , they helped you out with any personal problems that you may have. The funding for any Oklahoma Public Schools is very low, leading teachers to leave for another school district. Teachers that do stay want to make an actual change in that district.
I went to Oklahoma City public Schools and many things need improvement. The schools require lots of educational funding to be able to teach the required material. Lots of classes are teaching without textbooks and still except students to learn the required material.
the initiative of the schools to offer all children free lunches for the school year is what is good about them, the increase on the fight against bullying is what i would like to see improve.
Oklahoma City Public Schools provided me with a diverse and inclusive high school experience and allowed me the safety to feel I could develop freely and without judgment. The ample artistic opportunities allowed me to discover and polish my passions and discover new ones. The faculty was overwhelmingly open-minded and dedicated to making sure their students felt protected and supported. While the administration and school board had their flaws during my 7 years in this district, their commitment to fostering a prosperous balance of artistic and academic extracurriculars was unwavering, even when faced with state governmental neglect and the 2018 OKC teacher strikes.
I attended OCPS my elementary through high school years and I loved them all here in Oklahoma City. I learned more and more each year.
I liked my teachers and how I was able to do concurrent enrollment. I don't like the fact that they took away music band anf some of the sports
The school district is absolutely terrible. They don't care about half of their schools and all the funding goes to the other half. Due to their past financial decisions they recently closed a handful of their schools and changed the grade levels in the ones that are still open. I wish I could transfer out of the district but the other district I live by rarely accepts people from okcps. The school I go to is a good school and it could be much better if the district actually gave it the time of day. We have so many issues with the building and it takes months before anything is done about it.
I would like to see teachers get additional training on how to treat each child’s learning types in a class setting and how to contain their personal feelings in presence of students.
The public education system in Oklahoma City is a joke. It seems like the state and the city do not actually want educated students. Due to funding issues the school that I went to for middle and high school is forced to shut down its high school program. This school was not only one the best schools in Oklahoma, it was one of the best schools in the country. From the time I went there until now, all the school board ever did was fight us. They never supported us and I they have never seemed to support our schools. As a state, as of the last update I have seen, 47th is the country for education.
The teachers at my High School are super caring for the students although we might not have the best students or the correct amount of money to fund all the books and supplies the teachers do what they can to stretch out the funds and use material wisely.
Oklahoma CityPublic Schools are definitely lacking in quality teachers, food, and overall aspects of the school. The teacher's don't always teach and the students aren't prepared to learn. The students don't have a work ethic and it's damaging their expectations for when they get to college won't be ready to take on the work load. The food is not very good at all even when they did the grab and go food cart. I mostly ate from the cafeteria for breakfast which was a little container of cereal and milk with juice. The proportions were too small and not filling enough. The same goes for the food I saw; there were small amounts of lunch food provided for students and the one time I ate the lunch it was nachos which were stale and soggy at the same time. The bathrooms were always dirty and destroyed. There were 3 stalls in each bathroom yet only one or two had a lock or eould be able to close. The was never any toilet tissue and no place to put used menstrual pads or tampons.
They need teachers who are willing to help those who need it. Some seem to not care about what happens with their students' education. Also, the district needs to give the schools more money to give their students a better education.
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It is pretty sad that they have to change all the school zones again. Classen used to be such a great school but since the district funding has decreased over the years, the standards for the school has too. It's pretty disappointing that the school is having to stoop to the level all the other schools are at because they're doing so good.
I liked how everybody knew each other because Oklahoma is so small . I also liked how teachers made bonds with the children they actually cared about their students
OKCPS has some work to do but overall, some of the teachers have helped me a ton. I wouldn’t be graduating if it weren’t for the wonderful teachers.
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