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Most of the teachers really care about helping you to be successful after you graduate and are willing to put in the extra time to help you understand the coursework. School fights/bullying weren't something that I ever experienced going through the school system.
Some excellent teachers, but overall didn't care much about actually learning as much as grades and standardized test scores.
Okemos Public Schools have a very rigorous academic program; it’s students are extremely well prepared for college. The student population is culturally diverse and this is another assert to the district. Parental contribution for addition student resources is a plus.
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The teachers are very nice and friendly, the school is clean, cafeteria food doesn’t suck, but what I love most is the variety of courses and classes you can take, it’s amazing. There is a wide range of classes that fit to your desire, AP Art, computer science, engineering, photography, BC calculus, child development, you name it. I think you should definitely attend okemos if you want!
I have been going to Okemos all of high school and I will be graduating this year. Okemos has prepared me immensely for college and I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.
I loved going to school here. They truly care about the kids and their future. The only changes I would want is for a longer lunch break.
Okemos is a very good school. Most people there are very intelligent. What makes the school so good at academics is the students. Very diverse. Everybody is very nice
The education is amazing, the teachers honestly care about you and how you do in their class. There are no fights (I’m going into my senior year and there have been four at my school since I started high school.) and no bullies. We are proud of our school and of the people in it.
My friends and social experience here sucked but the classes were amazing. The teachers really attempted to help each individual student. There was a lot of help provided to us by the administration. However the Administration was not my favorite they often got to involved in students personal lives.
I really liked the relationships I was able to make with my teachers and coaches. Okemos had a very supportive community feeling to it.
The school is over all very good. The teachers help you prepare for college and the future. They also care about your well being.
This school has great academics and athletics, however the vice principles are not the best, the way they run things and operate are not good
I loved everything about Okemos Public schools. I felt very prepared when I entered college. Some of my college courses, math mostly of note, were very easy in comparison to the courses I took at Okemos.
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