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Okanogan High School District is a small district making it easy for students to get more help from teachers. Okanogan focuses on academics, making sure students succeed, and sports. The teachers in the high school meet to discuss what they can do to be better teachers and what they can do to help students strive. The school counselor is always calling students to her office and checking in on them. The Okanogan High School principle is one of the best principles I've had. He is against bullying making you feel welcome. Our Athletic Director of the school is liked by everyone and is always willing to help. The things I would like to see change is more classrooms. Electronic devises would be extremely useful for students to use for school work. Another think I would like to change is our sports fields. The middle school is bad about bullying. I was bullied in eighth grade. The principle did nothing to help. That's the one thing I would like to see change from Okanogan School District.
It would be vastly improved with a better music program. At the moment it is steadily improving with a new music teacher, however I feel that it could be more improved in this case.
The athletics at Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School were exceptional, and the parents and teachers of the Methow Valley are very giving and involved in the youth of tomorrow.
It was okay. I went to two different high schools in this district, and loved the teachers at each one, I just found that the teachers handed you the answers without enticing you to go out and explore the things the told you about yourself. They never created an investigative mind, only one that spit out the things they needed you to know for the state testing. I am not saying this is by any means their fault, but I do think that is something they could work on as a whole.
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Okanogan High School is a small school with a wide range of students where everybody know everybody. The staff are not only teachers but become friends with students and the parents and care for everyone. Every student is nice to one another and a majority are involved in sports or some extra curricular activity. I was in Okanogan for 12 school years and they have been the most amazing year ever thanks to the amazing and nice staff and students.
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