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I like the opportunities that the Okaloosa school District offers. I would like to see an improvement in the area of staff as they don't make an effort to help confused students.
it is a great county and the people running it are working to keep the students safe as well as provide the maximum education that we can get.
I feel like where the community is at right now is in a perfect spot. I do feel though that teachers and faculty should let all students know of scholarship opportunities rather than only telling certain students.
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Had a great staff of teachers, coaches, resource officers and support staff. Will also send a shout out to the Highschool as they kept us safe and are even installing fencing for added support. Great school and I will make the best of my last year as a senior!
Okaloosa County School District is known for strong academics. Students are given an opportunity to learn in the public school as well as dual enroll in a local college. By being able to dual enroll, I have been able to complete some of my required college classes for free while still attending high school. I have enjoyed participating in clubs and sports at my school. I will be graduating this coming May.
The Okaloosa County School District is exceptional and has many resources to help their students succeed.
I liked that the teachers and administrators where very involved in helping their students. The school spirit was phenomenal and I really enjoyed student activities and clubs. At my high school I felt very valued as a student.
As an alum of OCDS, I was prepared academically for college. The teachers have educated me to help me know what I want to major in college. The clubs and activities in the schools are phenomenal, along with the student participation in clubs, sports, etc.
Okaloosa County was overall a decent place to go to school. Although wracked with scandals, it was nit nearly as poor as my previous school districts.
I absolutely love my school, but the school district on a whole since I have been here is extremely lacking in discipline and leadership. It's very disappointing to think that these are the adults that we should be looking up to.
Being a student in Okaloosa County is pretty great. The teachers are there to help you out whenever you need help. There are clubs for everyone. Whether it be the math club for those who like math to a key club that helps others in the community. Okaloosa country not has the regular high school courses but also hands on courses. These include automotive, electrical, cosmetology , and culinary. Okaloosa County will no only prepare you for college but to those who wish not to go to college it gives them the change to try different careers.
I'm currently a senior at Fort Walton Beach High School and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with my high school experience in this school district. Going into high school as a freshman you expect that all the worst experiences will happen to you, such as bullying or struggling in your classes. The academics are amazing and it gives every student an opportunity to prepare for college by getting credits for free through all the offered AP classes. The school district itself is known for doing well academically and through extra curricular programs as well. Every student has an opportunity to find their passion, which is what matters most.
I have really enjoyed going to school in this district. I think that the teachers and staff are so helpful in my education. The Okaloosa School District strives to make students successful people.
I love the involvement I can enjoy in academic courses and band, but the county and school district fail to give equal support to all sports, especially when other sports perform better than the ones that get more funding. Our county also has an issue with getting things done in a timely manner. A major issue was that of pipes bursting and letting dirty water and roaches out into a bathroom right by our cafeteria. This was something that needed to be fixed immediately, but instead took a whole summer and then some.
I love the way the teachers teach at Niceville. They want to see everyone do well and are willing to help you make good grades. They care about each and every one of there students. I don't think they need to change anything about their school.
I have been in this school system for 12 years. A lot of the teachers don't seem to care about us. Some do but I have not had one teacher that made a big impact on me. I have always been a good student and stayed out of trouble, was quiet and did not disrupt class. Whenever I have had a question I would be dismissed with the teacher telling me they don't have time after saying they want you to come to them with any questions or help. Very frustrating for a quiet kid just trying to learn. The cafeteria food is terrible too.
I personally go to Niceville High School, so these stats are based on my experience here (Class of 2019, white female taking honors/AP classes). The honors and AP teachers at Niceville are some of the most amazing people I've met, and I genuinely learn a lot from most of them. However, from talking to friends who take regular courses, their teachers often lack a drive to teach, or don't know much else outside the textbook. Niceville HS seems to put more funding into sports than other things (the bathrooms, for instance, aren't the best, and other clubs/programs such as JROTC have to fend for themselves, so to speak). It's a pretty white, conservative area so if that's what you're looking for, go wild, but over the past four years I've seen NHS slowly becoming more diverse. Also, the new(er) principal Mr. Marello cares a lot, I enjoy his leadership. Go Eagles!
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I liked the communication they provided, very detailed and kept everyone informed. An issue I see is the lack of funds in electives such as chorus, which I was heavily involved with. Another concern would be the health of certain school buildings, having mold that some students are very sensitive too, causing problems.
I have been in the Okaloosa County School District since I was in elementary school. I have had wonderful opportunities and met so many amazing people through the school system! All the schools are A+ schools and we all take pride in keeping it that way.
This school district is very competitive and challenges all the students to succeed and become better and wiser people. The academics are good and sports play a big part in the students downtime.
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