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Ojai Unified School District Reviews

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I believe that the ojai unified school district has helped me learn and grow in a safe environment. The teachers at the schools I went to in OUSD (Matilija Junior high and nordhoff high school) were for the most part very good teachers who inspired students and enjoyed teaching. The students here are really nice and the sports that count as PE credit have allowed me to do more with my school day to achieve more in my future in college.
Great school, little school spirit. . .
I am enjoying my high school experience in ojai in the OjaiUnified School District. I would definitely recommend it to others. The teacher are very helpful and there are a lot of opportunities one can participate in. I am in many fun clubs. There are also many high academic classes that you can enroll in, some honors and other AP. The faculty are very friendly and nice. There are many sports opportunities and outside of Nordhoff, the other schools are also very nice. I did not go to elementary school in ojai but all of my friends who did really enjoyed their school. I am really enjoyed my school district and the opportunities it has offered me over the years.
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OUSD is a great school district. Very small, which allows for great, one on one education. I wish the state would allow for more funding because we could really use it at the high school level
I liked it. I was at the age that I really started pursuing academics so I found it quite interesting. I learned that diversity can separate, or it can unify students, depending on how students decide they want to treat diversity. In my case, we unified and thus had no racial issues in our school.
First of all, I love my school. Everything about it is amazing. Students are taught not just to take tests, but to truly analyze information and explain the information to others through essays. The curriculum is based on Thomistic and Scholastic theories, so we receive a wonderful education in the Liberal Arts.
Moving to Ojai from the Caribbean was a big change. The school experience helped me get involved in the community.
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