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Oil City Area School District Reviews

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teachers are very rude to students, not helpful. students have no respect for anyone/anything. bullying is very common and teachers do nothing about it. NOT A VERY GOOD SCHOOL! also the food has mold and is not very appetizing.
Oil City has provided me with an excellent fundamental education with many opportunities and experiences.
Oil City Area School District is where I grew up and learned how to be the man I wanted to be today. I found life-long friends and learned how important everybody is no matter how small they are or how little they speak up.
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What I like about Oil City School district is that they like to be involved with the students. Some schools might not care whether you pass or fail, but Oil City helps their students out as much as they can. Also, there are many school activities that you can, so everybody can fit in. Some changes I would like to be made is a bigger school budget, because in bigger cities such as Philidelphia, they spend much more money than a small town of Oil City. A big place such as Philidelphia would get better resources than Oil City because they are bigger and we all know that the better education you have, the better opportunities you will have. I think every school should be equal, that way everybody has the same opportunities. Frankly, I don't think that is fair, because I believe education is one of the most important things you can get out of life.
The school is always to cold and we are not allowed to bring blankets or coats and hoodies can only do so much. Our principals are stubborn and big-headed and most of the teahers are the same. About 90% of the school is on drugs and there is a serious bullying problem
Terrible experience with this district
Special education support is non existent, IEP and 504 plans are ignored.
Students struggle and employees lie and cover
At Oil City, I love the teachers. They all treat you so well and you really can make a connection with them. They care about your education, and they care about students personally. It really is beautiful and makes me excited to go see my favorite teachers! I truly can't think of anything I would want to change about my school.
I love to see life skills returned to our home school so those with a special needs child remain at there homeschool.
The zero tolerance for bullying needs looked apawn. Because its not upholding.
Oil City High School was a big part of my learning experience. The classes I took challenged me academically and stretched me to achieve my best among my peers. However, at this high school I also found out what I wanted to do with my life and felt like I had assistance along the way. I discovered a great group of friends that I felt comfortable in. I joined groups that shaped me and my personality. I not only found out my future career in high school, but I found who I was as an intelligent and capable woman.
I like that Oil City has a graduation project class to be sure that you are prepared and on course to graduate and go to college. I also like that they have teachers who try their best to prepare you for college and push you to do your best. I do not like that the school does not have very good food. I also do not like some of the people in the school.
Oil City High School was a wonderful place to attend. Everyone was super close and the school spirit was amazing. No matter what any other school thought of us, we always supported each other and came together against all odds.
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