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Ohio County Public Schools Reviews

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The public school experience for the many years I was involved in was okay. There was not enough motivation to do more to prepare for college and the prep that was required did not challenge the limit of some students. When I got to college I had to learn more and do more to stay above. There was a gap in education that I never noticed until I got to undergrad.
Ohio County Public Schools are some of the best ive heard of. Ive been attending them my whole school career and i have nothibg bad to say about them. In elementary school my teachers and peers were wonderful, in middke school i made memories with some of my best friends that ill never forget and in high school currently, my teachers are helping me learn more about myself all while teaching me what i need for the future. if i could go back in time and go to a different county's school, i wouldnt even think twice about going to Ohio County.
I moved from Owensboro Public Schools the summer before my eighth grade year. I'm not very good at making friends but I easily and quickly felt right at home. I've been here for five years now and I've loved everyday of it. The teachers and workers always make you feel welcome and are there to help with whatever your needs are at the moment. I feel right at home and i'm forever grateful that I got the opportunity to move to this school district.
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It’s a small town which means mostly everyone is friendly. The teachers are in that classroom because that’s where their hearts lead them. Ohio County has some of the most caring, loving, and supportive teachers there is.
Ohio County public schools offer a decently laid back school system but yet focuses on academics. I wish they would spend their funding more evenly to their activities
Overall, Ohio County High School is your average public school, without a stand out for good or bad. There is a high emphasis on sports and minimal emphasis on academics, with subpar extracurricular offerings for those not athletically inclined. A laughable zero tolerance policy on bullying that often alienates the tormented as the administrations enforcement is flaccid. Gems do stand out in the form of a few teachers and students who take a special interest in improving student life. Several students have attempted to create more diverse and inclusive extracurricular offerings. One hopes the near future, with the help of these brave few, this school will produce more well rounded, involved and broad minded students.
Ohio County High School has given me the best high school experiance imaginable. The students, staff, and community are the best KY has to offer. They have helped me succeed in multiple ways. I would not trade OCHS for any other high school.
Great staff! Coming from a small community, these schools offer peace of mind for parents when it comes to the safety of students. Safety first, always. Schools are focused on higher education and ways to improve learning in all areas. I, personally, have Type 1 Diabetes, and the nursing services offered to help me manage has always been reliable and trusting. Teachers and staff work together to create activities for student involvement.
When there's a problem with students being bullied they don't do anything unless they're students that are considered popular where they're kids of people that are on the school board or are teachers.
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