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Ogilvie Public School District Reviews

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Ogilvie Public Schools is a great school to be in. You get to do a lot of fun things. I think that Ogilvie is one of the best smaller schools in Minnesota
I liked that Ogilvie was a small community and it gave people a chance to grow without feeling like they wouldn’t be helped.
With small class sizes, Ogilvie Public schools is a great place for learning. If you are looking for diversity or culture, though, this school may not be the one for you.
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As a student who grew up and attended Ogilvie since Preschool, I used to love the school. However, as a junior looking for colleges to attend I realize that they haven't done much to prepare me for life after high school. They also do not offer much advanced classes.
They are way to strict with their devices. Students have no freedom to listen to music or go on other sites during their free time. Teachers often overload student with work. The principle treats students unfairly and chooses favorites and doesn't take care of bulling issues in the school. The 4 day school week does offer extra rest time on the weekend and gives students time to get appointments done without missing school. It does make it harder for sports due to getting out of school so late so practice runs late.
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