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Ogdensburg City School District Reviews

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There isnt a lot of diversity, but a lot of programs are pretty good and teachers are great. Administration is easy to communicate with and you can always ask for resources. However, food isnt great and I've never had an amazing experience with guidance counselors.
My experience at Ogdensburg Free Academy was transformative for me. My mother is a math teacher there and that led to me spending a lot more time there than any other student who attended. What I like about my school is that all of the teachers I have had in my six years being enrolled there, care about how am I doing. I feel safe walking into the building every morning and my very best friends go there too. I also enjoy their sport programs they offer. I am a part of the soccer and basketball teams and they both have changed my life immensely. All my years at this high school have taught me to strive for excellence and how to be independent. Something I would like to change about my high school would be to have better and a wider variety of lunches that interest more students at the school.
My high school experience went very well. There were many opportunities to make new friends in clubs and sports. The teachers put in effort and since it’s a smaller school you feel like they know you on a personal level.
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Ogdensburg City School District is a wonderful district. Very safe and education-friendly community.
Ogdensburg Free Acadamy(OFA) is an average highschool that teaches grades 6-12, and is overal a pretty decent school. The facilities and funding are decent enough, but the biggest draw is the teachers. The ones I had are some of the best in state I feel, one of which actually winning multiple awards to show she is. They get involved with their students, are amiable, and really know what they're doing. What i'd like to see change is more funding going to the art and music programs. For example they only recently got new band uniforms after decades, showing how little they actually put towards those programs compared to the sports programs, especially football. If more of a focus could be put on art and music OFA could really excel.
Its an okay school, the food isn't great but if your class is nice you'll be fine. Ogdensburg Free Academy has definitely molded me as an individual and it's been a ride. Mrs Tuttle is an okay principal when it comes to some matters but if it's urgent don't expect her to answer you quickly.
Its the worst experience of my life. The administration is the worst. The principle puts all the blame on everythung else
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