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I am a student within the Ogden City school district, and while the experience is good, it could definitely get better. We all work with what we have, but better resources, food, and better motivated teachers would help everyone a lot.
I had a great experience being a student at Ogden High School. Everything about the school was great. From academics, to school activities, and all the resources we had the opportunity of receiving.
Dont bring a austism child to this district they lock them in behavior units and stop teaching them..
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There is a lot of diversity and everyone is friendly, the teacher always helping the students with homework and questions about college experiences. The food is good more the salad, the lines are organized and not that long.
I loved the teachers. I was in the International Baccalaureate program, and I am so grateful for my in school and extra curricular experiences at Ogden Highschool.
Ogden High School is a safe environment where teachers are always willing to help you with anything school related. Also, there are very good counselors who constantly help keep people on track for graduation as well as make sure everything is okay outside of school.
I still am finishing my last year at Ogden High, however after graduation I know I will be able to look back on my involvement with Ogden High contently and miss every second. The people are great and provide excellent resources while inspiring students to achieve more. The best thing about Ogden High is the school spirit and the unity between peers. If I had to change anything about my school I would have to choose better faculty administration and better school lunches (like most students).
The overall experience in this high school is wonderful . All of the teachers I’ve had genuinely cared about their students education and tried everything in their power to help as much as they could . All of the sports that I’ve been involved in are great even if we don’t win as much as everyone would like, the girls on the team make everything worth it . Also, the clubs and clans I’m involved in are all so welcoming and very great energy to be around . Ben Lomond is an overall great school to be a part of.
It was the kids and teachers in the district that really made my experience fantastic. To the outside world we seem like a struggling district full of failing schools and in some ways we are. However, you'll never find a more accepting, loving family of high school students and teachers than I did at Ben Lomond. The kids love each other, we really didn't have cliques. Even though many struggled in classes the teachers never gave up on us, they loved us and it showed.
The large school was very different from other schools whether in New York or Pennsylvania but the classroom settings were very easy for strudents to learn in and the different subjects and electives to take defnitely allowed students to not stay in the box when it came to their education and the possibilities behind it.
I love how diverse our schools are and how every student will find at least one teacher that will really care about their success.
I enjoy the opportunity that is present in Ogden City School district, there are many options available for all students. IB and AP are great opportunities that are have helped prepare me and many other students for college.
I have enjoyed attending a school in the Ogden School District. I have went to Below Average grades to Above Average grades because of the teachers here and how much they care about their students success.
As a current student of the Ogden School District I have had multiple encounters with the school district, other than not letting me sleep in on snow days, they are a moderate school district. I do not agree upon many things they enforce such as their dress code, because I feel as a young women it is degrading that instead of enforcing discipline on boys not to drool over my shoulder, they decide that I can not wear a tank top when we are in the warm Summer months. I may not agree with everything that they have to offer and there is always room for improvement but I say that the diversity in the Ogden School District is phenomenal. Also as a latina, this is very important to be to be able to express my culture and they do a great job of bringing diversity into the schools with many programs and clubs.
I have loved being in the Ogden School District. I have honestly never had any problems, I have always gotten the help that I needed, I have always been acknowledged for my accomplishments. I love being a part of this city.
I love the Diversity. The academics are very well organized, I just wish that some of the really older teachers would be filtered out. I had this teacher that is older and because of that she is out of date with all the current math terms and techniques. She is consistently asking other teachers how to do it and making us even more confused.
Love the community involvement! I feel like my parents know what is happening as much as I do. The teachers want us to learn in a way that works and pushes us to ask questions. I have lived in the same town all my life and I can't complain about my education. The IB program has brought so many challenges and trails that have pushed me as a learner.
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Ogden school district is an awesome the teachers here are awesome and they take care of the students and help them get ready for college.
They are quick with one on one with THE kids and all ways looking for new and better ways to teach and interact with the kids
I enjoyed studying in Ogden School District, my school offered great classes and had a staff that was always willing to help students in need.
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