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O'Fallon Community Consolidated School District No. 90 Reviews

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I enjoyed attending this school. There are clubs and groups there for each and every individual. Additionally, there's a great mix of students there and mostly everyone is friendly. The teachers are great and do whatever they can to make sure the students are comfortable in the environment. The only downfall is the school is kind of old and there aren't many windows.
District 90 is probably one of the best districts in my area. The teachers are very passionate about their work and it shows in the classroom.
I grew up in O'Fallon, attending District 90 schools all the way from K through 8th grade. I can say that the teachers I had clearly cared about every one of their students. They took the necessary time and resources to be able to provide a positive learning environment for all students.
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Most of the teachers are genuinely interested in your growth as a student and they really do prepare you for college. It's not uncommon to have multiple homework assignments every night but teachers usually understand what is and isn't manageable. There's a reason why OTHS is highly ranked in the Chicago Tribune and it's because our academics are distinguished. The only downside of the school is the student body- it could be very immature at times but then again, it's high school.
I am very happy we moved to this area and enrolled in District 90. We were in the process of relocating to the metro-east, to be close to St. Louis, and decided that District 90 was the best place for our family. We couldn't be more pleased with the staff and programs!
I attended Dist.90 for my entire grade school and jr high career. Had an incredible expierence. I am not college bound a feel 100% prepared.
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