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Oelwein Community School District Reviews

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If you don't excel in sports they you don't matter to the staff at this school. I feel like a lot of the teachers are just going through the motions and don't really care whether your succeed or not. My family dealt with a bullying situation and it was not handled appropriately by the administration and was basically swept under the rug. This happened to several families in our school.
I would like to see a better staff. Like every other school, it has a good staff, and the staff that slacks and doesn't actually care.
I liked all of the class options that were available because it gives everyone something to be a part of or to do.
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With my experience I can say that education is not the problem here, not entirely at least. Personally I have dealt with abusive staff mostly at the middle school more than anything. From dragging students to the halls to berate them, or yelling at kids for going to the bathroom for being sick- it's a big problem. At the high school it is common to see rotten food as well.
Eager for progress. Clean schools with a motivated faculty. Students are willing to give their best effort and provide a bright future for themselves. They do their best job to ensure safety and excellence.
I like how it is small home town feel with lots of school spirit. They partner with NICC to offer college credits at no cost. They use Apple Mac Books for all students to be tech connected. Easy to contact and work with the teachers.
The teachers and staff dont seem to want the best for their students. A few select teachers care about your future, but the rest only do it for the paycheck. Also, the current guidence cousler doesnt prepare you for college or help you get scholarships. However, the extra curricular activities are very good. Band, chior, drama, archery, chess, trap shooting, and even a dungeons and dragons group!
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