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Odessa R-VII School District Reviews

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I liked how personable the teachers are here and how they care for each and every one of their students. They do their best to teach the kids and prepare them for their next chapter in life.
Overall I had a pretty good High School experience here, but I never went to another school so I have nothing to compare it to. The teachers are good about being in touch with all their students and are very willing to be involved in their students lives. Being in such a small town equals a ln equally small school which makes it easier to talk and build relationships with teachers and staff. Many students and myself have had teachers and other staff go above and beyond to comfort us when in a slump and make sure that we had all the support we could possibly have. They won't hold your hand through the whole course obviously, but if you are legitimately struggling with the work or a section of the course, they will do all they can to help you or find someone who can.
While attending Odessa High School I was mainly a part of the Drama Club and the school newspaper. After, attending college I do not believe that the school does a great job of preparing their students for college.
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Odessa High School is the school for a small town. This school is well diverse and great facilities. The schools are nice and kept up. The teachers are not as involved as I believe they should be. A sports player would very much fit in here, and academics are challenged. There are many extra curricular activities available to the students. I would change the resources open to the students, as well as improved counselor assistance.
Odessa has a very welcoming, small town feel, and does provide quality acedemics. It also has a wide variety of extra curriculars, involvement in which is encouraged, and rightly so, as they are all quality organizations making a name for Odessa in the region.
When entering Odessa, I came from a completely different environment; more of a city setting. Coming to Odessa school district I ad to adjust to the size considering we have very small schools compared to what I was used to. I would like to see them offer more classes.
I enjoy Odessa high school because of its tight knit community. I know all my teachers and they personally know me. This allows them to help me succeed in my academics.
I liked the close family feel at Odessa High School. The teachers were friendly and helpful, the office staff was kind and always smiling, and the principal was always interacting with students. If there was ever a problem our counselors were always ready to lend a helping hand and listen. The counselors were also helpful with finding scholarships for college, and helped to apply to colleges. I had a good experience at Odessa, and glad to say that I am a bulldog.
I love the teachers and how well they put effort into helping students and caring for them. I love how the administration tries to get the whole school involved by having fun and entertaining school assembly’s.
I have attend Odessa every year of school I have had thus far. I like that it is a small school and that most of the teachers are close to their students and care about their education. I do not like that there is such a big focus on football and other sports because it leaves other programs underfunded and unrecognized despite the hard work that the students put in. I also would like to see our teachers being treated better by not only each other but by their superiors and have a decent pay. We cannot seem to keep teachers for very long due to the fact they are not paid enough to support their families. Often times these are the best and most influential teachers.
Most of the teachers here are excellent but there are a few bad ones in the bunch. The school does not offer any other foreign language class except Spanish. The extra circulars are also very poor because of how small it is.
I have attended all 4 of my high school years at Odessa High. I can personally say it is a great place to be. It is full of spirit and pride. For how much our teachers get paid, they are passionate about their job. The teachers who work there don't do it for the money, but for the love of the school and students. It is a great place to be raised.
I would like to see change by the color of the walls.. I want more school spirit. I love the staff there and love the way they are there.
Odessa High has been my home five of seven days a week for the previous four years. By home I mean, the place my heart is. Odessa High will forever be a vital part of my life. The connections you make in a small town like mine, last an eternity. Odessa High, I'm sorry to say good-bye. I'll miss you (just maybe not the food).
Personally I would never send my children to this school. The administration is very close minded and only sees value in athletic achievments. I wish I could have attended a school that is more forward thinking has more oppoutunites for students.
My experience in Odessa schools was not excellent, but the school has a good band, theater program, and friendly teachers. I cannot think of anything to change at this time.
Great high school with fantastic teachers. All of the faculty strive to make Odessa feel warm and welcoming to all students. The school spirit is infectious and creates an unforgettable atmosphere no student will ever forget.
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