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Odessa-Montour Central School District Reviews

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Odessa Montour is a family. Teachers and Administration cares about students and their futures. I am glad to be a student at Odessa Montour, I have learned so much and love the fact that the school is small and you can go to anyone with concerns or if you need help
I appreciated the low number of students which allows for a more personal experience with other students and teachers. I don't approve of how involved some teachers get in your personal life. I've been subjected to the teacher using my personal activities that had nothing to do with them and use them as an example in class. Also the administration doesn't stick to a certain plan. It was halfway through my senior year before they began forcing the rules that had been in place for years. I also feel that students are treated different based on their social status. If a child plays sports, they are likely to get more help in class compared to someone who doesn't. This has to be a result of our teachers being coaches within the school.
i like the small, centralized school setting. it helps us become familiar and more comfortable with each other. i enjoy the small class sizes so that teachers focus more on individual progress. i would like to see a few things improved in odessa. these things include more special privileges for seniors and more diversity in the people that goto school there.
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At Odessa Montour Central School, I found it was very easy to succeed and start my journey to college and my future. Since it's small, it's easier to communicate one on one with your teachers, and everybody knows your name. My guidance counselor never stops to make sure I'm on my way to reach my dreams.
I would love to see the food choices better instead of small and tasteless portions. The teachers could show more encouragement
Odessa Montour was a good school for one on one time between students and teachers. However there isn't a lot of diversity and of enough students for all of the sports. They did well with college preparation and involving the parents. An overall good safe school.
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