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Odem-Edroy Independent School District Reviews

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Odem High School is rich in academics, and the teachers here care about the students and their future. Not only are the academics and teachers, but the athletics are has competitive as it gets.
Small, quaint, good academics and sports, supportive administration, and great teachers. Odem has the best teachers. Everyone is super supportive and teachers want us to do our best.
Something that I love about this school is that the teachers are amazing and they really do care about there students that they teach. Its an amazing school to go to. Its a small town so everybody knows everybody. If you ever need help just ask a teacher there are always up to help you in any kind situtation
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The academics at Odem high school are very poor. Teachers don’t care to teach its more like go through the lessons and take a test, doesn’t matter if you retained the information or not. In all aspects of the school, sports, academics, teachers it’s favoritism, you better know someone hat works at the school in order to get the opportunity others get. Although there are a lot of bad things, the best thing about Odem is that you get to know everyone it’s almost like everyone is family.
Odem-Edroy ISD has been improving in various areas throughout my attendance. The athletic department has recently turned around from mediocre to above average. The Agricultural department has increased by over 100 students within 4 years. I do not care for the administration at any level of the school district. From superintendent to high school principal. They have made such this school has runs off off the best teachers in the school district while demanding high expectations that can not be completed with the lack of resources.
The OEISD experience is easy to remember and hard to forget, it’s been good throughout the whole 12 years of my life. It has been so fun and such a great experience. I would so consider this school to others because it was so great. I wouldn’t change anything about it because it was Such an awesome experience and i was so lucky to attend this school. I would not want to go to any other school than OEISD.
I loved the fact that everyone knew everyone and people always helped each other out. The entire school was like one big family. The education was great and since the school was pretty small, there was a lot of opportunities for one on one time with the teacher. The only thing I'd like to see this school change is to add more courses and offer dual credit earlier so we can jumpstart our college careers as soon as possible.
Odem High School is an excellent school that prides it self in education and extracurricular activities and has been seen a good school for anyone who attends.
i love living in a community where i know everyone. Living here my entire life has been both fun and bad but overall going to school is what i look forward to everyday.
The school is okay I wouldn't want to be raised in a small community. Sure they are closer as a community but everyone knows everyone else's business that's a reason I'm not one for small schools.
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