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Good Learning Environment , Great Location, Educators who care. Octorara has been a great school district since moving here. They allow for dual education opportunities with TCHS which allows students a chance to broaden their education with a more specific focus in the field they are interested in.
The teachers are very friendly and helpful, they don't mind staying late to help you after school. Also there are lots of clubs and after school activities for students and the campus is nice
Octorara, overall, is an excellent school. Middle school, and grades below, are structured well for young students to get a good start in preparation for high school. However, this structure also tends to suppress the individuality that children are known for; this is the main reason for four stars and not five. The high school though, provides a plethora of opportunities for college credit and dual enrollment. The teachers in the high school, while some can bring down students and even harm their academic careers, these teachers a few and can be easily avoided. The teachers that love their jobs and help their students far outweigh the bad ones. These teachers have helped me and my classmates do our best to prepare for college far beyond what they were required to do. Octorara is an excellent school that prepares students for their intended futures well beyond most other schools. My time there has given me an amazing start.
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I’ve been going to octorara my whole life. It’s small, but we’re all a family and everyone knows everyone. I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else to be honest.
Octorara is a small school where I learned a lot and had a great experience with learning and team bonding on the football team. It is a school where everyone knows each other.
i was bullied and the teachers did not do anything to help me! I am so depressed and i am so mad! Why would they let ME suffer! 😠😠😠😠😠

My mom talked to the teachers so many times and they did NOTHING 😢
I had horrible thoughts, but they're gone 😣
SOHAPPy i am online schooled.
Octorara was a small enough school that when you walked through the halls, you knew almost every face. They pushed to excel you in your studies and have you prepared for your future starting in 8th grade! The teachers are passionate about what they do and they show how much they care for their students a ton. I would love to see the students change more. I would love to see more school spirit and participation at sporting events. I still love this school, it is where I’ve gone my whole life!
I moved to Octorara my sophomore year of high school and if I'm being honest, I was kinda a loner my first year there. Not because of the school, but because I'm just not as social. But after that first year, it was pretty good. The sports were okay, we didn't always win. Which is okay. The education is pretty good as well. I don't know about other people, but I got pretty good grades there.
Most of the teachers there are excellent. The courses are taught well. The facilities are nice. As high schools go, Octorara is a very good place to attend.
I love the environment and teachers at Octorara, they truly do care about the kids and want us all to succeed.
Sine its in a small town, everybody knows everybody. you have good relationship with all the teachers which makes he experience easier.
I really liked the relaxing environment to Octorara and the fact that the teachers really focus on building relationships with their students. However what I would change about my experience is I thouroughly wish there was more diversity between people. It is such a small community it’s hard to be unique and feel as if it’s accepted.
My time in Octorara was a pleasant experience. Teachers were great offered to help with anything I asked them. From extra help understanding an assignment to help with a recommendation for college. Girl sports suffer the most due to lack of willingness from multiple parts of the school.
The academic teachers are not the best. It is a good o'l boy mentality, exorbitant tax rate for the low scale education.
I liked that Octorara was a very small school which gave it a family feel. I would like to see more students getting involved in all of the clubs that this district has to offer.
I love my teachers and take AP courses. There are rarely any fights and I don't witness any bullying. The majority of the school is caucasian, but there are other races within the district. Resources are great, the high school and middle school students have iPads.
Although located in the middle of Lancaster County and surrounded by cornfields, the education I received helped to prepare me for college. My teachers my junior and senior year were by far my favorite and I am thankful for all they thought me.
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The teachers in the high school for the most part genuinely care about their students and try to help them. The school itself can be a dirty sometimes, the worst places being the cafeteria, bathrooms and the locker rooms. The classroom thermostats have minds of their own so you never know what the temperature of any given room will be. The curriculum is honestly what you make of it. The honors/AP courses are challenging but worth it in the end (for the most part). Some teachers go out of their way to help students, some ignore them at all costs. Sports are a huge deal at Octorara, especially basketball. Most people either play sports or are musical in some way. The best department in the entire school is the music department. The music teachers here are some of the smartest, most talented, humble, kind and most helpful people I've ever met. Highly recommend both band and chorus as well as the high school musical!!!
I liked the small country setting where you knew almost everyone in your grade. The majoritiy of the teachers worked with you and were understanding. Octorara is a friendly environment. I would like to see more enforcement of punishment in regards to breaking the rules.
Nice school overall but the food is nasty most of the year. Really good in boys basketball and field hockey.
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