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Oconto Unified School District Reviews

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Overall with how small the school is I have been provided with numerous opportunities to be involved. Teachers are very kind and know you well so they understand where you struggle and what to help you with. I have never felt I could not go to any of my teachers for help. I feel they are good at focusing on the many different departments and providing them with the funds needed. They also enjoy student feedback to make their school more likable and student friendly.
Over all I love the teacher here in the district. They are extremely helpful and will do what it takes to help student successful. Some changes I wish we could go back to open campus.
I enjoyed attending Oconto Unified School District. I believe that there could be more opportunities for college credits. The teachers should be more thoroughly reviewed of their teaching abilities and success rate through the students. The district was average because there could be a myriad of advancements and changes that could be made.
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Wouldn't highly recommend it by any means. Classes are small and teachers aren't all qualified for what they teach. Programs are ok and you don't need to pay for them.
Overall Oconto High School has done many things to help me in my preparation for college. AP and accelerated classes have challenged me to work hard and strive to be better.
The Oconto Unified School District was very welcoming and I felt at home going to school here. It may be in a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone, but I was an all around good experience. The teachers were very good at keeping most everyone interested (as interested as you can be as a 15 year old doing Geometry) and tried different methods to help us learn better.
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