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Oconto Falls Public School District Reviews

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I felt safe there and had a wide variety of classes to take. One thing that I personally would like to see change is the way that the teachers teach. When I am in class, I felt as if I was rarely learning anything. And if I ever needed help, I would never recieve the help that I wanted.
The Oconto Falls School is a perfect small-town school. It allows me to know everyone and connect with lots of different people. There excellent academics and clubs have helped me become a leader.
pretty good had some fun. new principal wants to include everyone now including homecoming making other grades on court...
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Wow! The past 4 years at Oconto Falls High School has been one crazy ride! Going into high school, I was afraid of what I might go through, or if the people would like me. As the months passed, I was involved in choir and sports. I am very impressed with the music program here at this high school. Because of Choir, I have gone to Europe and New York to sing and perform. The sports I was involved in were amazing as well! The cross country and track programs were always successful in making it to State! I've always had good memories in that school and have made many long lasting friendships! One thing I would change if I could change anything, would have to be the food choices and new sport programs. I suggest adding soccer to the list of sports, and more healthy foods! Overall, I am happy I attended this school and will always hold it close to my heart!
Both my children are open enrolled students into the District. We have found that the teachers are very qualified in their profession.
I spent half of my high school career at Oconto Falls High School and it was a pretty good experience. Most teachers were nice and the classes were fun and educational.
Teachers are very good and involved!! Administration is awful, do not care about student well being or teachers.
This school offers a wide variety of classes and great faculty to go with it. Each teacher wants the students to do well and will help them as much as possible to keep their grades up. Also the main sports are very well supported by the student body, the faculty, and the administration. Most clubs do well, although I do know sports are given more. Another great thing about Oconto Falls is the look of the school. There is also an up to date field house and a fantastic Preforming Arts Center. The only thing I would change about this school is that the school would help out and support the teams/groups that do well or just distribute the support more evenly.
The best thing about Oconto Falls is the opportunity to choose. Even though we are a small school there is still plenty of ways to be involved within the school. Also, the staff here are very dedicated and know how to help many different kinds of students. The sad thing about the Falls is that students keep leaving and our school size is dropping. This means the opportunities will start decreasing because of the recent budget cuts.
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