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They are too strict on some of there new rules, they should've looked into the benefits of having phones on students. People use their phones every day and for everything in life. But they say "you'll never use your phones in the real world." I see my teachers on their phones all the time. They say there getting us ready for life, career or college but there not. Passes don't get us ready. No phones doesn't get us ready. Banning AirPods? thats just taking away our freedom and they are pushing their limits at this school and seeing how far they can take it.
This high school is very nice. The teachers are very good at there job. Although there was lots of negative news while I attended this high school, it wasn’t so bad.
I really like the specialized classes that are offered at Oconomowoc, however the students here are kind of crazy... The staff are doing their best to keep up the good Oconomowoc name, but with that comes unrealistic rules and expectations, more pushback from the students, and more problems. The school as an overall place to be is probably a 3/5, only because of that. I would suggest sending your kids to this school but understand that if they have behavioral issues, they WILL find a large group of kids who think the way they do and continue to do those things.
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There have been tremendous changes over the past two years, and I believe it's for the better. There are opportunities for every type of child to succeed! However, the athletic director is not as optimistic as the rest of the district. Without him, the school could go further in many ways!
Oconomowoc High School has given me a lot of great opportunities to better my education. Whether it's the clubs, the support of the counselors, or the great community, this school will always have a special place in my heart. Going here has also given me the chance to become a part of Duall Enrollment Academy, where I get to attend Waukesha County Technical College for most of my day.
I love the new principle and administration so energetic and always looking to better the students and get them ready for the real world.
My little sister has had heavy bullying issues at her elementary school as I used to experience at the high school. If that was improved maybe it would be a great district but until then they are average.
I liked having a high school in a small town with lots of school spirit, great teachers and administrators and classes that will help me reach my college goals.
The school allows for a lot of cool programs like ib, Ap, and youth apprenticeship. The teachers are mostly good, but there are teachers that don’t teach to the students full advantage. I like my opportunities at Oconomowoc, but some of my teachers are difficult to get good grades due to their lack of explanation on subjects and lack of help towards students.
Oconomowoc Area School District, more specifically, Oconomowoc High School, is a great place to be this school year. There has been a recent change in administration, and the whole school has been renovated. Plus the expansion of the East Campus this year.
Oconomowoc offered very rigorous and diverse class options. The teaching was overall very good, and classmates were kind. I feel as though the school could have done a better job at test prep.
I enjoyed the clubs that I was involved with very much, they had so many options and it felt like everyone could fit somewhere. I do think that if you are looking for a diverse place to live, Oconomowoc is not the place for you.
I enjoyed my time at this school. I attended the high school and I feel as though the structure and types of classes offered prepared me very well for college. Overall, the high school was a very great environment
Great academics and teachers. Lots of different clubs & activities and sports to be involved in for all students.
My overall experience at Oconomowoc High School has been awesome for the most part. The teachers and staff are all very involved and genuinely care about their students. We just got a new principal a few weeks ago who has been fantastic so far and is really trying to make our school the best that it can be. Oconomowoc also offers many advanced courses that provide a great basis of rigor and what to expect in college which is very helpful. Lastly, I enjoy that there are many clubs, sports, and organizations for everyone to get involved in. There is always something for everyone to love at Oconomowoc High School.
The Oconomowoc Area School District has given me many choices in my academic career so far. As a senior at Oconomowoc High School, I have completed my required courses at semester but have decided to stay on and finish my senior year with some challenging and interesting courses.
It was a pretty good school. AP and IB classes are great. Regular classes could see some improvement. Food quality could improve.
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My children had a good experience here with teachers and coaches who really cared about their learning and wellbeing.
Would like to see the teachers and counselors take more of a personal interest in the needs that students have in regards to future school plans
Teachers do NOT have child's best interest at heart. Deny my son an IEP started when he had a disability. Said if new to school the teachers need to get to know him. I asked for IEP in beginning of school year when we enrolled him. Got denied for above reason. After second trimester the teacher mentioned it to me so I requested again and she made me feel like it was a huge bother. I pulled him out of the school so fast. This was at silver lake intermediate
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