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I am a resident of Oconee and also an educator. I know that the school system get a lot of praise about how good the schools are and how great the teachers are. But let's be all the way real. The system does not hire many minorities (African-Americans) and the number of African-American students that attend there are growing each year. These students do not have anyone in their corner from elementary to high school that they can look up to. I have filled out parent surveys and voiced my opinion for several years and nothing has been done about it. The teachers here are not faced with many academic or behavioral struggles like some of the surrounding counties or if they are, it is not known to the public. I would just like to see more minority teachers in each building so that the students can have someone to relate to. Seek out minority teachers (especially African-Americans) OCONEE!!! They are out there and would love to work in your county.
I love this school system overall because out of all public schools. the people are always welcoming and seem like family. I gave everything at 5 stars except for the food because it can taste stale and as a middle school student the kids faces never seem pleased. So far I haven't seen anything that looks out of place, and I have been in the system for 2 years.
I do not have enough positive things to say about this school system. The students are provided with the highest quality education possible, and the faculty and staff are more than dedicated to ensuring nothing less. The working environment is that of a family, which makes being a part of this system that much more meaningful. It is no surprise why this system is becoming as wildly popular and sought after as it is!
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As a resident of Oconee Co. for 30+ yrs., and a retired Public School Administrator of Georgia, I will Boldly state that the Oconee Co. System is as good or better than any Public School system you will find to raise and educate your children. Do your research.. this system has been in the Top 5-10% for the past 18+ years. Discipline issues are such that neither of the 2 High Schools & 2 Middle Schools require a School Resource/Police Officer. That in itself speaks volumes..! Academics are excellent! Athletics A+. The community is a great place to live.
Oconee County School System is very impressive. It provides students with a good education and overall experience. It helped me prepare for college.
I have had a wonderful time at oconee county high school for the last four years. The teachers are excellent and truly care about the success of their students. Our school is well taken care of by our custodians and the administration looks out for the students of our school. We do lack diversity but our academics are incredible. It’s been a great place to be involved in extracurriculars because it offers a wide variety of clubs from juggling to academic bowl. We have great coaches for our sports teams.
Great schools and teachers. Would like to see more communication and training on the ever changing technology the schools use for students at all levels.
Oconee county is an amazing school system. All the Teachers and coaches are very friendly and helpful. Oconee county has a great program for academics and sports. I am super proud to be able to say I graduated from a Oconee County School.
Overall the school is pretty good, the lectures are entertaining and the classroom setting is welcoming. Only downside to me is the acceptance of new students from other states.
It’s a wonderful school system that prepares students for college well, but it doesn’t allow them time to be kids.
I went to school in Oconee County k-12. It is a great place to get educated. It totally prepared me for my college experience. I loved all of my teachers. In high school, the accelerated, honors, AP and dual enrollment programs are great. I took honors, accelerated and AP courses during all four years and the teachers were all fantastic. I'll forever be grateful for my academic experiences are OCHS.
Oconee County schools allow for students to participate in courses that will prepare them for college, but keep them from facing incredible pressure from teachers. The teachers are thoughtful and will do everything they can to help students. I personally took a class where I was failing and the teacher worked with me until I had an A. They support their students and encourage them to do well without putting the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Oconee County Schools to me was very welcoming and supportive in many different areas when I first joined the school system in the 6th grade. It allows students to grow into young adults and also fully prepares students for the future by providing hands-on support throughout the college application process.
Oconee County schools are such wonderful schools for young people to grow up in. Oconee county has two local colleges and the nationally recognized UGA in the surrounding area.
Oconee County is a good school district. I didn't have many bad encounters. The schools aren't very big though. Some things are overpriced but overall not a bad school district. I haven't gone to all the schools however.
Oconee County Schools are wealthy. They have air conditioned class rooms, clean bathrooms, waxed and polished floors and advanced technology. The most important thing is that Oconee County Schools have the best teachers available to give every student a fair chance to learn and grow.
I attend OCHS and I truly think that it is one of the top high schools in its region for college readiness as well as introducing kids into an extremely competitive academic scene.
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Great teachers, good kids and many people willing to help. Also a nice course selection which further expands the horizons of their students interests and opportunities. The school is not very racially diverse, it consists mainly of whites. This school offers unique opportunites to everyone, whilst preparing us for secondary education. AP courses, Honors courses, and on level courses are offered at the Oconee county high schools. Athletics and and clubs have a major influence on the students at this school.
People were mean and so were some of the teachers, and the principal didn't do anything about it. I enjoyed being in marching band all four years of high school and the senior band prank was awesome to be a part of, but just being in band doesn't make up for the fact that if you were failing a class you were judged and considered stupid even though the teacher could just be on a power trip and decide to make your life miserable, which has happened to me on numerous occasions
Great school and location! Striving for academic excellence in the schools in this county is a priority.
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