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Oconee County School District Reviews

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Great selection of AP classes and teachers. The facilities could use a facelift, particularly the parking lot.
There are three high schools in this district. West Oak, is the school to attend if a student just wants to get by and graduate. Seneca , is the high school to attend if a student plans on trying to go to college on a athletic scholarship. However, Walhalla High School , is the school to attend if a student plans on going to college with a solid academic resume. The student are highly competitive academically. Students in Oconee County can attend any one of the high schools as long as they provide their own transportation.
I would like for the schools to raise their standards in academics more so than sports. The schools should be able to offer more honor and advanced placement classes for the students who want to do more. I chose to attend Walhalla High School. I am College ready. Thank You
I love the elements of diversity in the Oconee County school district because it immerses everyone in new experiences. The only thing I would change is the amount of guidance counselors. There are only a handful for an entire student body and it can be very difficult to have one on one time with them when you have questions about navigating the stressfulness of school.
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I feel like the Oconee County School District has great schools for children of all ages to learn in. The faculty and staff are excellent with the children and teens. The teachers are welcoming and they want to educate young minds. It is a safe place for children to develop their minds. They are very clean and organized. The high schools work really hard to get the teens ready for the hard challenges of college. They also have rules set for everyone to obey to help keep the students and teachers safe though out the day. As a senior in high school I can honestly say I have loved my elementary, middle, and high school. I would not want to be in any other school district.
"Above average" my ass. This place is political, nosey, racist, and homophobic. You investigate and judge things that are absolutely none of your damn business while simultaneously ignoring the real problems within the schools(bullying, suicides, and treatment of class differences). There's not enough space in this box for me to give the district my opinion and piece of my mind. Do better. You're embarrassing
At the moment, I like the school schedule. We start at 8:45 a.m. and get out of school at 3:45 p.m. I also like that they like to have parent input, before making a major decision. However, they are thinking about changing to year-round schooling, which I have problems with. I enjoy the schedule the way it is, and the fact that everyone can work with it. However, with the new schedule, it will really only benefit students who may struggle.
Administration is very helpful. They care about the students well being. There are some areas that could be improved upon. Such as amount of time for lunch. Given long lines and seniors priority, 15 minutes is not enough to get your lunch find a place to sit and eat. Also 4 minutes is not enough to get to the next class. Sometimes students might want to discuss something with the teacher after class.
In Oconee County Schools, there is a lot of support for students and opportunities to get involved. The experience is what you make it and in order for it to be a good one, you must get involved in sports or clubs or other organizations. Oconee County has the most hardworking custodians of any district and they keep the schools looking top notch.
very welcoming small town! Southern hospitality. I came to Oconee County when I was in the 7th grade coming into Walhalla Middle school. The students and staff were very welcoming and I have now been here for 5 years and was able to skip a grade.
The teachers in the Oconee County School District are mostly passionate about their work, and well-equipped to teach.
I would like to see more involvement with parents. I feel decisions are made behind closed doors regarding school / student issues.
The faculty and staff in the Oconee schools care about each and every student and want to see each one of them succeed.
I wold love to see more diversity in the schools and more friendly competitions between each school. The principals need to be more inclusive to ideas proposed by student councils and actually listen to what they council is saying because they are the ones who represent the student body.
It is a very good community but also very quiet. We are lucky that they are fixing up some of the roads.
I fully enjoyed my time in Oconee! The teachers and administrators truly care about students, and the athletics department is excellent.
Love the fact they have started letting elementary students learn foreign languages, especially giving the kids options besides Spanish and french. Only complaint I have is not being able to advance my "gifted" children when they are clearly above their grade level in certain subjects. This has caused my oldest to slack off in school because he is bored with his work.
At Seneca High School, we have an extra curricular class called "High School 101 or Cat Class". This year that have made that class a half-credit. As a senior, my school does an excellent job promoting scholarships, grants, and financial assistant for us. Planning for college is stressful, but my school supports the seniors in every way possible. Oconee county is the best school district to be in.
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Oconee county is a pretty good county. Cares alot about the students and faculty. There could be change in some of the schools rules and some of the schools activity rules.
Oconee County School District works well with their students and prepares them well for college. The principles work hard to ensure that their students graduate and maintain a good GPA. The food could use some work, and more clubs and activity needs a lot of work.
I like the small town feel of this school district. You know everyone in your school. It is also very easy to get to know your teachers and communicate with them.
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