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Oceanside Union Free School District Reviews

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I did enjoy my time at this school academics wise however the culture is very harsh. It is not very diverse and there is an odd hierarchy with the parking situation. It was rare to get a good teacher however I do remember having a couple.
Went to this district my entire life. The staff is helpful and prepares you for a real life. Many clubs and activities to join. Food however, definitely needs some more healthier and new options.
I would like to see better lunches provided to the students . There should be Greater sports showmanship and to have greater team acknowledgement for their respective wins against other schools. The academic program is excellent but there should be greater preparation for students to excel in the sat testing so they get the better colleges and have a greater variety . They should have sat classes to take as part of the academic program to best get college students ready for college
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It's a very nice school. The teachers are good and so are the students. Not all the students of course, but overall great environment. Lots of after school activities to participate in as well.
I think we have a wonderful school however a few things. The budget is sometimes unfair (ex. paying for AP test) but we have great teachers
My experience was great, I was able to take the courses I wanted without any issues. I would wish that they could change the amount of times a certain course is taught in a day.
The schools have great teachers and programs but ultimately doesn't seem to put its students first- an example of this would be the way they rolled out a new system where students must pay for their own AP exams.
When I went to Oceanside it’s a great community but there can be drama but I feel like there is always drama everywhere. The school is very diversed but when it comes to our sports we are family the whole schools shows up and supports there teams. You’ll always get a great teacher but it also depends on your learning style everyone has there own opinion. But when my college professor ask me what school district I went to and I say Oceanside they know about.
I had a decent experience my 4 years here. I give it such a high rating mainly because the academics are very good but some of the teachers are just god awful @@@ science and math departments
Oceanside School District offers a wide variety to its students in all grades throughout the schools. From sports, to music and art, there is something for everyone to pursue. The amount of resources to help your flurish your academic career is vast. All of the teachers in the district are always there to help you and guide you in the right direction with whatever you choose to do. AP courses prepare high school students for college and the work load that they will experience in higher education. The school culture is very focused on sports, student activies, and having a lot of pride for being a part of the town of Oceanside.
Great teachers, amazing staff, clean facilities, abundance of supplies, lunch was provided, recess was adequately provided for. Had a great experience within the public school system in Oceanside.
Middle school is just that weird time in your life, but my experience was pretty good. Definitely some great teachers, although the students are another story.
Oceanside HS is the center to the Oceanside community. It provides a good education and lifetime friends. The teachers are hardworking, guidance counselors are there for support and the students work hard. Football is a huge part of the student life and one of the highlights of the Oceanside experience.
I have had an amazing time at Oceanside Union Free School District. Elementary school was perfect and of course I wish I could go back. I loved all of my teachers and I had fun while learning. Middle school was rough but the school was very supportive and I liked most of my teachers. The structure of middle school was weird but worked because it helped transition us from elementary school to the freedom of high school. Oceanside High School is a great school that offers its students many opportunities, academically and with extracurricular activities. Most of my teachers were very supportive and I truly believe they wanted me to succeed. The school also makes it easy to get extra help, which is important when you are taking advanced classes.
I spent the last 12 years of my life at the school district. Best of my days were at high school football games, the spirit the school has is incredible. Will miss high school when i Graduate.
Oceanside provides quality education, programs, teachers, community activities all in a safe family-friendly atmosphere.
I enjoyed most of the teachers throughout all of my years in the school district. They were always loving, involved, and helpful. The kids that attend the school tend to believe that they themselves are superior to others which can make most kids feel worthless and even embarrassed to participate in fear they will be made fun of. I would hope that in coming years the bullying is more regulated. I would also hope that more resources are brought to the school. The school itself needs a lot of updating but has a lot of potential. Overall, Oceanside School District was what I would imagine to be an average school district; nothing to special and nothing to bad.
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The Oceanside school district is excellent, offering qualified and engaging educators committed to helping students not only learn but excel in their education. College courses and AP classes are encouraged and increasingly popular in the high school. There are many sports, teams and clubs available for students in Oceanside, as well as a strong music, theater and art program throughout the schools.
I have had an overall excellent experience with Oceanside Union Free School district. I have spent my entire life in it. All of the teachers and things I have learned have made me who I am into today!
It has a mix of some fantastic teachers along with some not so great ones. Its priorities have seemed to be focused on certain aspects of school and not others. For example the football team and math department get the main focus in terms of supplies and funds. Although they claim to be a forerunner in art departments it has been a hassle to be enrolled in art classes, for the guidance department leans towards math and science classes. While also not actually helping students when they are in need. The budget continues to increase, yet they do not fix any of the problems in the school, such as broken ceiling tiles and unsanitary conditions. Though they put the money to new technology that the teachers do not know how to use, so they therefore neglect to use it in their classes.
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