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Oceanside Unified School District Reviews

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I liked how involved they seem to be with the students. The things that I did not like about it was how time consuming it was to wait for a response when filed a complaint. They did not do anything about the cafeteria food. But overall, it was tolerable.
Being apart of the OUSD has allowed me to become who I am and I am glad that i grew up going through that school district
I've been in this district since I was in 6th grade. I transferred from Vista after Elementary. From the seven years that I have been in it, its been great, the staff and teachers are amazing, the schools are great and offer great programs.
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Generally really good teachers besides the tenured teachers. I have found that the education is pretty good but the schools can lack funding.
I've been a student within this school district for my entire life, however I feel that my experience is completely based on my personal relationships with staff members as well as involvement with my school. For instance whenever there is an issue on campus regardless of grade level I've never had an issue with speaking to a member of administration. However I've heard from many peers that they've turned away from administration when trying to report various issues in campus. That being said most teachers, staff members and administrators are loving and caring of every respectful student they interact with. As a result this has given me the best experience with this school district. Furthermore the school district is also very open to change and willing to work with students and parents to create the best environment for everyone on every campus within the district.
I love the diversity within the school district. Everyone is exposed to many cultures at a young age. The classes are all good and prepare you for college
Personally I think the school is very flexible and friendly. The majority of the teachers are supportive and interactive.
It's a good school district I've graduated from Oceanside High School and now have my daughter at Oceanside High School great school good city etc
Being a student in Oceanside Unified School District, my experience overall has had a great impact on my development as an individual and an intellect. Through a rush of cultural diversity and mentorship, I have grown well accustomed to difference within others and myself.
I went to oceanside unified school district from kindergarten through my seinor year of high school and enjoyed every bit of it. Alot of the teachers really care about kids education.
Diversity in personalities and ethnicities. 20% who care about their education but changing quickly because of our new innovating Principal. She is on top of things. Bad Stereotypes will slowly turn into Prestigious stereotypes. Education alright, 18 AP courses offered.
Sports are known and cheered for. Wonderful teachers and caring services.
From kindergarten to my senior year of high school I have been part of the Oceanside Unified School District. The amount of care and educational growth I have received over the years is something that I will always be grateful for. The teachers as well as the learning environment were also welcoming and comfortable . Never have I felt discriminated or ignored when it came to my needs to further my education with the Oceanside Unified School District.
The behavior of students, and teachers alike at this school is concerning to say the least. As a student graduating with 10 AP classes, and Honors I was appalled to see videos of students snorting illegal substances off desks and selling weed in my AP Stats class. However, the college prep program is certainly helpful and the location is gorgeous. Clubs and activities are undersupported if they are non athletic related, however the facilities are clean.
The school itself stands out for not just being the oldest, but also the most efficient in preparing student for the future. With many club student can join as well as a ingenious pathway plan. the school drives student to take upon a career path best suits for them.
Oceanside High School is a very decent school and offers a lot of opportunities for students of every background. The school is very welcoming and the academics are pretty cool as well. There are a few teachers that are difficult and strict on students, but every teacher wants their students to become successful. The atmosphere is very kind and it's a nice school overall.
Overall, the vibe of the school is great. The teachers vary with support and teaching ability as some are more invested with their students and others could care less. School spirit is at a minimal when the football team isn’t as good , but when the football team is thriving so is the school spirit ( as are most high schools ) Gang violence is hardly an issue but at times the opposing gangs get into quarrels causing school drama. Other than that, there’s the occasional fight at school but security always ends it in time.
I liked the diversity of students in OUSD. At El Camino High School, there were a lot of students with drastically different backgrounds, and having that experience is a good thing to have. Other than that, we are considered an average-poor district. Compared to surrounding districts such as Carlsbad, our schools and facilities are not at the best standards for students. OUSD generally needs more investment towards choice of classes, student resources, and much bigger investments towards its extracurricular activities and the arts.
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During my time studying in OUSD public schools, I always felt that the staff looked out for and cared about their students, spending a considerable amount of time in helping them achieve their own set goals. However, something I would like to see change is the staffing of better teachers for foreign language classes, as French and Spanish have been excruciatingly difficult without a teacher that was properly acquainted with the language they taught.
OHS is a great school with much diversity and culture. It's staff members are amazing in assisting students in shatever they made nneed
I loved the environment, what I would like to be changed was the school policies that makes the students feel unheard and disregarded.
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