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Ocean Township School District (Oakhurst) Reviews

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I like to see more diversity in the school. Giving people the chance to express their culture during shows without being restricted
It is very diverse, and there are some great people. However there are also some bad influences, and inconsiderate people and staff. Some rules are irrational.
Ocean has a lot of school spirit and great teachers. When I got to college, I realized how superior our English department was and how well they prepared me for the rigor of college essays. The facilities are consistently being improved- especially the athletic areas. That being said, the school also offers a lot of AP classes and clubs so it is not singularly focused on athletics.
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My experience at Ocean Township High School has been for the most part very well. The teachers I have had throughout my years have and will continue to be my role models. The positive energy throughout the school makes it easy and pleasant for me to come to school everyday! The diversity of students at Ocean Township is wonderful, which makes it very easy to make friends that will last a lifetime. I strongly suggest to get involved! Whether it is joining a sports team, or finding one of Ocean Townships many clubs! It is almost impossible to not find something you are interested in, and if you do Ocean makes it very easy to start a new club! Overall I would highly recommend this schools excellence to incoming students!
The school is great, filled with amazing teachers and staff. The people are nice too, they are very approachable. I do feel that there is a big problem with drugs. I feel that there should be bag checks every morning, and they should invest in metal detectors if ever there were to be a school shooting, it could prevent that from happening.
There are an abundance of classes and different levels of classes which facilitates the path to figuring out what
There are so many opportunities for every student to become involved. The clubs are so diverse which gives different people chances to express themselves. Overall great opportunities for each and every student. The sports aren't that great, but students still support.
OTHS is an average school. It preps high school students for college and offers college rep visits, tours, and several scholarship opportunities. The teachers can be very supportive and outgoing, truly being mentors to the students. The teachers run the clubs, which there is a wide variety of, and the majority of students are involved in 2+ clubs. The school focuses more of its attention on sports, priding itself on its Friday night football games and brand new fitness center. However, the school culture is not as I expected it to be. There are no pep rallies, no school dances, and no field days. Parents are involved in the PTA, the Prom court, and several other fundraising activities. Safety is average I'd say, but this upcoming school year we are getting Class III police officers. The facilities, such as the bathrooms, classrooms, and water fountains, are in need for a facelift but no major work is necessary. The administration is friendly and helpful.
Ocean township has favoritism. The students aren't always kept in mind when decisions are being made. Often times it felt more like a business than a school.
They have started a new STEM initiative which helps alleviate my one issue which is too much focus on sports and not enough on academics (other than testing.)
I have spent 12 Years in this school district. All I can say is that there are some very nice and caring teachers, while some of the teachers are only there because they need a job (no names). As a freshman in high school, I was a very shy person. Now, as a graduating senior, I am very thankful to have had such an amazing year.
I had a great experience as a student at OTHS. I formed several great relationships with teachers and peers and I gained confidence through my active participation in various clubs and community service organizations. While creating my spartan legacy, I acquired valuable time management and communication skills, which will also help me in the future in college. In addition, it was great to notice diverse groups thrive at our school. However, if I were to change an aspect of our school it would be the current ranking system. It is not an effective system and it needs to be modified.
I have liked my teachers and the block scheduling a lot. The one thing I would change would be the school food so I didnt have to bring lunch every day
My experience was overall good! The school was very diverse and the teachers were very supportive of the students.
Now currently in my senior year at Ocean Township High School, there has been major changes. There is now state of the art facilities such as a two floor gym and black box theater. The teachers are always available and put their best foot forward to any student willing to learn. The district boards each grade level with laptops to increase interactive learning in the classroom.
There are many options here at Ocean for me to explore to discover what I want to do in the future. There is a lot of attention given to the arts as well as the sports programs
It's an average high school, the people who go to Ocean tend to stay in Ocean forever. The one thing that would make the school better is to stop wasting the funding on sports and focus it on academics.
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Ocean Township School District is surely great if you're involved with sports, and average to lower than average if you're not. Coming from someone from the latter category, I had to watch as funds went to getting a turf field as opposed to other needs like air conditioning or fixing structural problems in the music rooms that had not been updated since the 1960s (and the locker rooms and such had already seen a few renovations since being built). The sports teams were equipped, while the scene builders for the musicals re-used screws and nails, and saved them until they were even stripped down. We also reused wood from old sets until they literally fell apart. All this could be forgiven if the education were good. Sadly, all male history teachers (which were most of them) were severely underqualified and seemed to only be there to coach our mediocre sports teams.
Growing up here was an amazing experience. I'll always have such fond memories going thru school from my teachers to extra curricular to sports. However, I see the district going downhill as the student body becomes more disobedient and lost & the staff becoming more disinterested.
The teachers were one of a kind. I never felt so personally motivated to excel in academia to the point I was winning the Spartan Scholar Awards. I found a profound love for physics and psychology. The only thing that needed updating was the building but they are currently under construction.
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