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Ocean Springs School District Reviews

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Ocean Springs school district is very organized. The employees know what’s best for students and works to create an academic work environment for students. The school district also works very hard to keep students safe especially with COVID-19 concerns.
Ocean Springs is a nice community, but it seems to be a town where everyone knows your business. The school district seems to be this way also, kids learn from their parents that be nosy is good. You cant go one day without someone being the gossip of the school, especially high school. Bullying is not a huge problem, but it still happens. When it does happen, I never witnessed any teacher do anything about it. Most of the teachers are really nice. Overall the school district is a good match if you have thick skin.
There were SO many teachers that cared for the students, but I believe there were only a few in the general education courses. Higher level teachers, such as the AP teacher, put so much effort into their work. Alongside that, the school was unable to justify their actions and never took responsibility when something went wrong. For example, the senior class (2020) received ruined and broken yearbooks which also did not include items such as quotes, photos, or the senior page which costed $150-$300. I believe the school definitely needs improvement and I am shocked that they treated the class that brought them to the title “Best High School in Mississippi” so horribly.
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I graduated from the Ocean Springs School Distract in 2018. I have been in the Ocean Springs School distract since kindergarten and feel like this school was a great choice for our area. I didn't experience many bad teachers but the school focuses on taking tests. If you decide to enroll or enroll someone in the high school I highly recommend dual credit classes over AP courses.
Ocean Springs High School is a excellent 6A high school. Teachers are very helpful and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The safety of the students is the biggest priority which is important. Ocean Springs High is a great place to be and learn.
Since I have attended Ocean Springs High School I have had an awesome experience. All the teachers here are excellent helpers and are dedicated to their students. They have helped me prepare for college in every way possible and I could not thank them enough. The only thing that I would change would be to have a little bit more leniency and not make a school seem like a prison. Therefore overall Ocean Springs High has a good and friendly environment. Every time I have needed help on anything or just want to get more involved with the community they have helped me prepare for that. In conclusion I would like to thank this wonderful environment for all their help in preparing me for college and the experience of being a Greyhound.
Academically, this district is descent for Mississippi. However, the teachers do not care about the students and the bullying and harassment is terrible.
As someone who has graduated from Ocean Springs School District, I have many memories of this School and what others had talk about it as well. The hallways were for the most part were usually clean. The exception being when class period is over and everyone is moving around, even then it is not that bad. The Band was a great class and had great teachers. This class took great care of their equipment as well. The teachers in band also push us to do our best and I would say it did great results for me. Overall I would say it was a great place to be and would not have it any other way.
though I have gained a lot of knowledge from this district, they did not help me when I needed help the most, I have been kicked out, and come back, but I still see the same problems.
Some of the teachers at Ocean Springs are there to help you which is great. However, this school is mainly composed of kids from wealthy families, so there are very rude and bratty kids there at Ocean Springs. At times, the school cares more about money than the students.
I have attended ocean springs school district since i was in the 5th grade and it has been good. I did have my ups and downs with some teachers but i am a senior now and now that i look back i had fun in these 8 years. All the teachers are here to help you and just because some are more hard on you does not mean they are not helping.
Overall my high school experience has been great. I’ve made so many friends and have shared so many experiences with those friends. Some of my favorite memories are from the softball team here at school. Being on a sports team in highschool is so much fun and if you are new to the district it’s a great way to make friends. From our dugout dance offs to long bus rides to games, the softball team has provided me with many laughs.
Academically, Ocean Springs has the best public high school in the state by a significant margin, especially considering the high level of AP and IB participation. The athletics programs are above average for Mississippi, and there’s a wide range of clubs. While there is some diversity, most children come from middle to upper-middle class families.

The three elementary are very top notch as well; you definitely can’t go wrong with any of the three.
School district has helped me thrive in all my areas of study. They are compassionate about helping students succeed and advance in future goals.
I love Ocean Springs High School, they any class you can dream of and offer constant support and resources are great. It's an amazing thing school I'm glad I get the opportunity to attend. It's truly the best in the state.
Ocean Springs school district is the best! My daughter came from a horrible school district and school halfway through her 1st grade year. OSSD was a breath of fresh air. Everyone welcomed her with open arms. There isn't one person at her school that isn't amazing! Very organized! Parents are welcome to volunteer in class. So happy we moved here!
I liked the fact that there were so many different courses presented to the students and that the teachers were constantly driving students to do their best. I would change how awful the dresscode is towards females. 4/5 of every student dresscoded were females. It made the female student body question if their education was just as important as a males’. A student should never be sent home or interrupted when trying to learn because they were showing too much shoulder or it was a “distraction.” I would also change how many days a student was allowed to miss. Only 2 absences allowed unless from a doctor. Many times throughout the year, children get sick, especially if they are stressed which causes them to be more susceptible. It isn’t realistic that a person only be allowed two absences a nine weeks without a doctor’s excuse. Some people can not afford to go to the doctor, or it’s a stomach bug and does not require a doctor — just rest and fluids.
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My time at Ocean Springs School district spanned from K-12 and from top to bottom it is a top tier school district that I will recommend to many for years to come. The teachers always put the students first and you fell like you have a voice as they prepare you to face the real world. Now not all schools districts are perfect and I will admit there are times where OSSD has seemed less desirable, but I can happily say those times were mainly the food. Other than that this school district is absolutely amazing.
I would like for the faculty to actually teach students instead of punishing the children for ridiculous rules that don’t make sense.
We love Ocean Springs. The schools are great. I have 4 kids in 4 different schools in the district and they are all very happy here. The high school offers many great programs. My oldest thoroughly enjoys his classes. The teachers in all the schools are great and genuinely care about the students. Top rated in academics too (3rd in the state.) We love OS.
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