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Ocean City High School is one of the closest high schools in proximity to the beach. The teachers are helpful and are genuine in wanting success for the child. The athletics are one of the best in the area and help build great social skills. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in, such as theatre, Spanish club, and art club. Some of the perks include riding your bike on the boardwalk during gym class or being able to enjoy lunch with views of the water. Ocean City is one of the best schools in the South Jersey area.
The Ocean City School District has given me a well rounded education. With a strong administration, academia, sports, and all around well funded school - it has given me a great experience. The teachers work well with their students to give them a one on one learning experience. Being apart of U.S Top 100 schools, and being able to attend a school as this, is an honor.
My experience at Ocean City High School was great. The teachers at Ocean City High School really care for their students and make sure their students succeed. This school has a great education system. I would like to thank my all of my teachers helping me succeed.
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Very welcoming school. Great place to learn and make friends. The school offers something for every kind of student with a wide range of sports and clubs. Teachers are very committed to their work and want the best for the students
The teachers are very helpful, and it's a great school. I love going to school right at the beach. I was involved in many clubs, and had a great experience in all of them. It was also cool to go to the same high school as my mother and grandmother. I really loved my time at Ocean City High School.
It was an excellent school with excellent teachers. There were always teachers willing to stay after school and assist with people who needed help with tough subjects.
The athletics and extracurriculars are really good. The teachers aren’t too bad it’s just some are boring and others are weird.
Very good overall. An average high school experience. Focused heavily on sports culture and loved it. The faculty and staff are very helpful and open to their students. However, the school lacks diversity. I would like to see change in the school’s attention to bullying. Other than that, OCHS has been a welcoming learning experience to me. I liked the energy in the school and the environment.
Ocean City is a great place for your kids education. Throughout my high school career, Ocean City School District has really made it a great experience. The Board of Education has allowed events that really pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me great friendships that will last a life time.
Ocean city high school is a school that offers great college preparatory options. The counselors are always available to help with questions or course choices. The teachers are highly qualified in their course work, they make sure to offer assistance at any time with work. One thing that might make Ocean City even better is more options for students who would like to go into the computer field, an intern program with outside companies.
The teachers are wonderful, but sadly our superintendent is not. The school was not very diverse. Teachers would always find time for you, and arrange extra help when ever needed. The janitors are always nice and have a smile on their face. Administration is rough/strict rules but all they are doing is their job in which they are suppose to do.
Moving from a small town in Maryland to another small town in New Jersey was the best thing to happen to me. I went from the bottom of my class in Maryland to the 146/315 students in OCHS. I can tell you that I have learned a lot more here than I would’ve at my school in Maryland. Although I have to say that if you’re not rich or pretty you get left out of a lot of high school experiences. There are a lot of cliques and exclusive groups in Ocean City and that starts at young ages. I can say that in Ocean City schools you get kids with a lot of money or very little money and it make its tough to fit in. I graduate this year and I can say that I lacked a typical high school experience and didn’t find a group of friends that were actually good people until my junior year. But over all the academics are good, 90% of the teacher and kind and know what they are doing and I can say that I’ve learned a lot in my 6 years in the Ocean City school district.
I thought that the Ocean City School District definitely prepared me for college. They have a lot of AP courses from which to choose. The teachers were very good and I have learned a lot from them.
I wasn’t open about going as a choice student. However, the experience has been great. Raider nation is huge and inclusive- i suggest going to a football game. Academics are great and I felt I learned more here than I could any other school around.
The teachers are very competent with their subjects, however they do not cater to different learning styles or students. Favorites are obvious, and they are not understanding about home or life issues.
I overall enjoy Ocean City High School. I was the new kid, so I didn't know anyone. However, everyone was super nice and outgoing, so I eventually came out of my shell. Unfortunately, I think they need to re-evaluate a few teachers seeing as some don't seem qualified or need to be evaluated as a person.
I attend OCHS as a choice student and I have never regretted my decision to go to school here. The students are for the most part friendly and the teachers are excellent and always want to help you succeed. The school itself is beautiful with awesome classrooms and technology. OCHS also offers numerous sports and clubs, it's basically impossible not to get involved with something in your four years at the school.
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Ocean city offers a lot in terms of academic readiness: I'm challenged and pushed to develop that side of my college and career readiness. It's a safe environment where a focus on testing takes priority, more so than most schools. However, I do not feel completely college ready as my area of focus (being my intended major) is not offered in my school in any way, shape, or form. Theatre, being that major, is offered only through a club, not in a class designed with 4 years of preparation in mind. Overall though, Ocean City has a lot to offer and can be a pretty swell experience with the right steps taken.
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