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Obion County School District Reviews

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Really good staff and people everyone you talk to are kind and stuff the teachers know what they are talking about the school board is good not a lot of drama here no drugs in the schools u can make a lot of friends fast over here everyone is friendly
Obion County's school district has an abundant amount of teachers who care so much about the futures of their students.
This school does not care about their students or us preparing for colleges. They are only here for the money. Going to school should not be this terrible. It should help us in life. If I could change anything about this school, it would be more about the students and our happiness instead of the teachers and their advantages. Also, some of our coaches are terrible to us and do not care about us getting scholarships to help us into college. We need better people in our school district.
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I love the students and the teachers there. I would love it if they changed the class scheduling to block scheduals.
Obion County Schools is the best district around. The feeder schools prepare students for the future and the high school prepares students for both the workforce and college.
I am fond of this school district, but almost completely for sentimental reasons. The teachers that I have interacted with during my experience are some only redeeming parts of this school district. The board has no sense of efficiency when it comes to placing teachers or planning buildings.
Obion County School District is a phenomenal place to attend for furthering education, making friends, and getting involved. The school system creates an opportunity for everyone to succeed and will make sure that their students are on the right track.
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