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Oberlin City School District Reviews

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I liked the extracurricular activities and some of the teachers. I'd recommend to be involved in the clubs and sports as much as possible.
Its ok I guess. Its pretty easy to get good grades if you try. There are a lot of opportunities to take college classes.
The academic part of my high School experience is good. The Ninde Scholars program had helped me a lot with school and college prep. The only issue I have is with the people at the school. They can be very rude and disrupt classes. Their are also a lot of fights. The school doesn't have a lot of money so some things are broken and the food isn't very good (I pack). Oberlin is a good school for academics but a poor school for everything else really.
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I enjoy the diverse and inclusive nature of our school. That being said there is little to no punishment given for misbehavior.
I went to this district since i was a little girl and they where very helpful and always was there when you need them. The only really bad thing about this school is that they really have bad food it not all that great but it could have changed since i have been there. I really liked how almost every morning or afternoon you will see the principle out and about to come and greet everyone as they entered the school. They also always have a fun way to get everyone in a good mood. We also have really good pep assemblies that always hype up the school and get everyone motivated for the game.
I would like to see consistencies in the schools and better rules. The schools have rules that are barely followed through or that don't make sense.
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