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I, as a 2017 alumni believe that the Oakwood City School district goes above and beyond for not only the students but the faculty. There is never a student that is alone and there is no such thing as a slow paced learner, they truly do work together as a community.
The Oakwood School System boasts an outstanding record of inspired students, challenging curriculum, and passionate teachers. Children are encouraged to be their best each and every day, and hard work is the norm. High averages are common, and collaboration rather than competition is seen amongst the students. Overall it is an excellent School District for parents, students, and teachers.
I like the small community because it made my high school experience more personal; especially because smaller class sizes make teachers more available to students.
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Oakwood High School prepared me for college extremely well. With rigorous coursework, a variety of honors and AP classes, I learned how to study and time manage, figure out my career interests, and became a very well-rounded individual. The teachers care about student success and are involved in their student's academic life. There is an activity for everyone. I joined many clubs, swam for the high school team, and even had the opportunity to do an independent study in my field of interest. My class was close and we did many things together, especially during senior year. The sense of community at Oakwood is unlike any other and I am glad I got to experience high school the way I did.
I came into Oakwood as a Junior, and I hated my first year. Most people had split up into groups, and it was pretty cliquey. As I progressed, however, I made many friends, joined clubs, tennis, and really began to enjoy myself here. I am now involved with many different things, and I love the people, facilities, and teachers.
We’ve been in this school district for three years so far, all of which have been extraordinary! My children love the school and community. I wish this site’s ranking criteria was a better representation of the total package. For example, my daughter (elementary) learned how to code her own games in coding club. I attended, as a guest, an elementary kindness ball, where everyone waltzed and showed appreciation for kind actions. Some days the Superintendent greets children as they approach the school, even in snow. There is a daily promotion of developing core values, shown in so many situations. I am consistently reminded that this district is simply superb.
It's a classy school with old building structure. Lots of money goes toward electronics but it's a daily discussion between me and my friends about how old and gross the bathrooms are. Plenty of sports and organizations to get involved in, as well as music and theater. Overall my past 12 school years have been a pleasure and I've met some pretty awesome people. Being in a small town you get to know almost everyone, it's almost like one big family. The small community adds to safety as well.
Oakwood continues a strong tradition of academic excellence. Their dedication to the success of their students is felt in every aspect of the students progression from Kindergarten to High School. Faculty instill the importance of a college education from such an early age. I am so blessed to have my children benefit from such a strong and caring school system.
My experience with the Oakwood School District was quite good. I feel the teachers do a great job of preparing the students for college. I think they truly do desire for the students to succeed. I know I will look back fondly on my days in Oakwood. Go Jacks!
The Oakwood City School district is extraordinary! It is successful at maintaining traditions, encouraging students to learn to their full potential, excels in academics, and helps foster a sense of community.
A good place to grow up! It offers a small learning space where teachers actually care and get to know you. There are many options for extracurriculars and other activities to help students get more experience with various activities. It is also a very safe community.
I first attended Oakwood in 3rd grade and have been a part of the community for 8 years now. I will be graduating next spring and I have loved my experience with Oakwood as the city is very small and intimate. It is the definition of everyone knows everyone. I wouldn't trade my education at Oakwood for the world as the entire goal of the staff is to prepare their students for greatness and success beyond high school. I am very fortunate to live in such a safe and caring community and attend such a great school.
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