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My children attend this school district. Teachers have been great and worked well with the kids. You can tell they care.
It is a welcoming community. Families are great and teachers are great. They care about the students.
Learned a lot at Oakridge, both students and teachers were super nice and helpful when I had any issues or questions. Overall great place to study.
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Oakridge is a sports focused school district. Oakridge falls behind academically with little to no opportunity for advanced kids to work even at potential. The teachers we have had experiences with have all been great, but many teacher do not stay due to poor work conditions and wages.
Just a great school all around from the staff to the facilities and students I would highly recommend!!
I have attended Oakridge High School since preschool and it has been the best experience of my life. The teachers are so amazing and want all of their students to succeed. The principal is always involved and cares about all of us. We are very good at sports. I love being in a small school and knowing everyone at a personal level. I am happy to say I am graduating from this school and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Most of the people at Oakridge are welcoming. It's a really easy environment to learn it. The only thing I don't like is that some teachers pick favorites and when there is a bullying issue going on, the teachers don't handle it correctly.
Oakridge is a great school to attend. I enjoy most of the teachers because they really want to connect with every student and see every person that comes through their classrooms succeed. I feel like Oakridge is very focused on providing the necessary resources for high school and college success. It is firmly instilled in every student that college is necessary for success in the real world. Most of the teachers that work at Oakridge don't get the recognition they deserve. They support their students, work with them on assignments and personal issues, and all the teachers are able to teach well, considering the few resources at their disposal.
Everyone is there to be your friend, there is not a lot of leaving people out, we are close nit, kind of like a family. We are all nice to each other and lend a helping hand whenever it is necessary. We stick together and stand up for each other. I won't want to attend any other high school.
Oakridge is a smaller school. The teachers go above and beyond consistently. The school itself is very nice but due to it being in a lower income neighborhood the funding is lacking. It's not any fault of the school because they make the most of what money they have. Unfortunately though the school board puts quite a bit of money into financing the sports more so than the academics or the arts.
I loved my experience there! I made great friends and great memories. I wish that the school would have challenged me more and I would have been more prepared for college.
My favorite thing about Oakridge Public Schools is the teachers. They are all amazing. They all work very hard and you can tell they love what they do. If I ever needed to talk to someone, almost any of them would always be there. I don't believe the head of the schools treat them as well as they should. They should be making more than they are because they deserve it. They should also be given more money for things in the classroom. Most of the teachers I had, had to use their own money for classroom supplies. They deserve more!
I've lived in the district and gone to Oakridge Public Schools my whole life. I love living and going to a school that has such a tight knit community, everyone knows each other and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Being able to grow up with the same kids my whole life has aloud me to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Throughout my time at Oakridge High School I've been giving a lot of different opportunities that has helped me get to where I am today. I'm enrolled in the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center, in the Health Science Academy. This is my second year there and I've been involved in many volunteer activities and also I'm a two year member of HOSA, Health Occupation Students Of America, where we compete to earn regional, state and national titles. This experience and opportunity is all thanks to Oakridge.
I like how much school sprit they have. There is always lots of peopl at all of their games. Along with very many nice kids.
I've went to Oakridge my entire school life. I enjoyed going to this school district up until my junior year in high school. High school is suppose to prepare you for college and the school system failed at this part. I didn't hear about any college opportunities such as duel-enrollment or early college. I was very unprepared my first year at college and I put some of that blame on my high school I graduated from. Also, if you had a bullying problem they would just brush it off as if it was nothing. I did enjoy the learning experiences and teachers though.
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