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Poor spending for teachers, students, and school. Oakland Unified School District have a board of directory that spends millions of dollars on things they don't even know and have accounts for ending up cutting funding that leads to certain schools to get cut, classes and sports to get cut, teachers paid to remain stagnant during a inflating economy.
I loved the community activism that takes place in my district but the members of our school board often ignored the communities cries for help. They have cut millions of dollars of funding from my school every year and tried to close multiple schools that offered support to at risk communities. My school has very limited resources as is, s mismanagement of funds has had the most negative impact on the most at risk communities. However, the student body never fails to band together and support our teachers and advocate for better resources.
Oakland Unified School District is really good but I wish they care more about the students daily life.
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Oakland Unified School district is the only district that I ever experienced. They have lunch programs which help those family that are low income. So far my experience with teachers is that most are good but there are some that are racist, lazy, and full of themselves. OUSD has not really helped me with my college so far everything that the school teaches us helps but none of them are just about college. School run fire drills, earthquake drills, and lockdown to make sure that everyone is use to these producers.
Oakland Unified School District is a decent district overall. I have attended schools in Oakland Unified School District since Kindergarten and it has been a decent experience. The academics is average to me, the curriculum needs to be improved in order to teach at the level of the grade. You won't learn most of the math at the level of your grade, it will be aim more towards a specific area of the math like in algebra or geometry. The district is pretty diverse with a many students of many different ethnicities attending at schools. The teachers are pretty good and they teach in a way that will help improve learning and gets our attention. They do have courses that helps prepare for college, but the academics and necessary skills for college might not be up to par. There are tons of resources for students that are available, and the science, technology, and math are pretty good for the most part.
I attended a small school in East Oakland and while the teachers were great, most of the time our school was severely underfunded. I saw many great teachers leave due to money reasons, most of the time teachers bought things with their own money for the class.
Oakland pays teachers really low salaries that teachers and students had to go on strike. The students missed a week of school but the teachers got what they wanted. Also the district is in debt that they want to cut down a lot of schools and programs for kids.
I would like to see the district make decisions that aren’t selfish and will help the the teachers make a living while giving students a good education.
My experience with growing up in Oakland and going to school in Oakland is my whole childhood. I never had major problems while in school and I love all of my teachers. One thing I would like to see change is the salary of Oakland Unified School Teachers. Teachers do everything to teach and support us in need. They deserve more.
I think that OUSD has an average education and it's great for being public but I think that it should have more programs that can help students and more teachers. They should also focus more on academic and give us tips for college so we can at least start to prepare for it.
I really do not like OUSD school district that much why because our teachers was just on a long strike, because of how the OUSD people were not paying the teachers enough money and also because we need less classrooms so students can get More one on one teaching so they can get the lesson
I would like to have more funding into other programs. The school district is broke and cannot afford any money to fund things that are considered
Teachers need more resources in order to help provide their students the proper education that we need!!!!
The Oakland Unified School District needs to pay teachers higher wages, incorporate smaller class sizes and more support staff. The district has funds, but chooses to spend it in questionable ways. They spend more on administrators and consultants than any other district in the Bay Area and less on teachers than any other district in the Bay Area. Teachers in the Oakland Unified School District make less than other teachers in other Bay Area school districts. This isn’t only for the teachers, it is mostly for the greater good of the students.
In all honestly, Oakland Unified School District did not prepare me for college at all. I struggled in college until I got the hang of things.
My experience with the district has been good, its teachers discipline the students well and makes the students understand a subject going over it thoroughly. The district makes sure schools are on track and makes sure that students are preparing for college with the help of college counselors checking in on the students. There are many clubs/programs available at schools although I believe more encouragement to join them would be needed. The School culture is something that many schools look forward too and enjoy, movies are played, participation is at its highest for decoration inside school building, etc. Lastly the parents always care about their children and what the school is up too in other words they are dedicated to keeping up with the school so when the school arranges meetings most of the parents attend.
Oakland Unified District has good perks in terms of giving every child an opportunity to attend school. However that does not mean the system itself is perfect because there are quite a few kinks to work out in terms of registration, attitude, the facilities itself. What often happens is the district opens a school, then they have to figure out the money to keep it open. The children in the meantime suffer because some teachers don't want to go the extra mile to accommodate the others. Those can be some of the main issues when in Oakland Unified School District.
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It was difficult to get many needed resources and the organization was lacking at time. Yet, the teachers and administrators seem to care about the students and try their best to work around barriers.
This school district is in favor of the students within it. However, due to the lack financial success, our district has been put in the position multiple times to disregard the students right to transparency and make quick decisions that have negative effects on the students. Aside from that, OUSD is trying their hardest to be able to assist the needs of the students with what the tools they have left.
The school board have many people coming and going especial from the top decision makers. OUSD is in a serious debt. Specifically skyline high school is losing teachers and cutting budget by removing some of our sports such as volleyball and swimming. There was a time where Skyline nearly lost the bus transportations and that would’ve affected a lot of students since we need buses to go up the hill everyday.
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