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was ok i guess school school was a school and it was a school and i went to this school. This school was alright not too bad not too good. more average i suppose.
The staff at Clarenceville are very nice and dedicated. They very willing to help and be supportive. It is a small school with a big heart. The parents in the community are very much involved. I do wish for the facility to be improved a bit and more passing time between classes. Im provement can be made with the drinking fountains, most of them don not worl anymore. I want lunch at school to be improved since Michelle Obama is no longer the First Lady; we do not have to eat microwaved food because it is easier to keep the calories in check anymore. They have, however, increase lunch time which I appreciate eventhough I no longer go to the school. Clarencevill made me feel like home.
Teachers are very accommodating, understanding, and helpful. They truly work towards benefiting all students.
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Teachers here are very dedicated. With this being said, I think there should be more school-to-school interaction across the district.
I was able to go to high school and obtain the knowledge that i needed to be prepared for college courses. The school offered advanced placement courses and dual enrollment as well. It felt like any other high school would if im being honest, you go to class, go to your after school sport or club then go home. I thought that was good though because it made sure that you were focused and not carried away with something else at the school.
Oakland schools has mentally prepared me not only for a college education but also the real world. I am very confident and have amazing social skills thanks to Oakland Schools.
I would love to see more diversity among Oakland Schools. Otherwise, it was a great experience. The school teachers come from good universities providing great teaching to students who wants to excel in class. They were very kind and offered me 1 on 1 tutoring early morning before class started.
I experience diversity in staff and students.The classes are moderate size so its easy to learn and ask questions. Teachers are very helpful when help is needed.Things that can be changed are more detail in teaching.Change the teaching style that way everyone is able to learn in different ways.
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