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It is a small community and everyone knows everyone so you get a lot of help when needed. They have many different course offerings and a wide variety of AP courses. The teachers really care about each student and the small class sizes are great!
Hope u enjoy being treated like a child. They say they treat you like an adult but they can't even trust u on your chrome book so they stalk you 24/7. Oakfield sucks!
Honestly, there are probably more rigorous schools out there, but a school district like Oakfield is rare. It is a small district, which limits some aspects, like sports and diversity, but what the district does have, they excel. The immense opportunities that the District provides are impressive. By the end of Sophmore year, students will have an opportunity to be in the Youth Apprentice Program (school to work) and by Senior year, most of the students will be taking AP classes or attending early college courses at local universities. The small class sizes make it easy for students to gain relationships with classmates, staff, and teachers, who only want to see their students succeed. As for safety, there is a local officer on site, with an office in the middle/high school, which makes bullying a rarity, as well as any illegal activity. The Oakfield School District is small, but their size is what makes them the greater gain.
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For a small rural district they have done remarkable things for my children! I as well as many others school choice into the district meaning I have average 60 miles a day to get them there. The staff works tirelessly to be sure no child is left behind.
Oakfield is a great school for a small town kid. It has small size classes which makes the learning environment a lot nicer than a large size school because we have more 1 on 1 time with teachers. This school works well to accommodate your schedule to fit the classes you need for example I am involved in the Youth Apprenticeship Program and they worked very well to change the schedule to fit this work experience in. If there was something I wish to see changed it would be to stress clubs and activities more. These things go over looked when it comes down to clubs and sports, clubs will always come second. Our music program is looked down on to some extent even though those involved work just as hard as those in sports this is something I would like changed at Oakfield High School.
As a student at Oakfield High School, you are treated more than just a number in the system. There are roughly only about 130 students in our school. In this environment, students get more one on one opportunities with teachers, whereas to bigger schools you don't quite get that opportunity. Although, the one downfall to the school is that it is an older school, so there are some spots that need to be renovated. But other than that I would highly recommend sending children to this school and to get involved in Oakfield's community.
A few of my children attend school in this district. It has consistently gone down hill since the previous principals left. They single out certain students and they are labeled for the rest of their time in the district. We have lost more students this year to open enrollment than ever before. As someone who owns a home in the district, we will be open enrolling next year to another district. We need a real overhaul of this district, or eventually, the doors will close because of how unhappy most parents are.

Principal isn't responsible. Took 5 girls off school grounds without permission slips OR any emergency contact information. School board and district administrator are useless, you get blown off or ignored. The cherry on top was when my kid got blamed for 2 boys bullying her. They have lost 61 in District kids this year. SIXTY ONE. This year, a teacher was suspended due to repeatedly swearing at students and name calling students!
Oakfield has gone through a lot through the years. I feel like we always come out stronger. Almost every new teacher that comes through respects us and gets respect back. I love pretty much everything about the school. Especially the teachers. They are all so amazing and they all truly care about our education.
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