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Oakfield-Alabama Central School District Reviews

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Oakfield-Alabama has taught me a lot about myself, and life in general. My best memories have come from this school. Something I would love to see change is the administration. They are unfair when it comes to certain situations.
The teachers are very involved in the students’ lives and in the life of the school. Everyone is made to feel welcome at the school. Being a small school, everyone knows everyone, and the school feels a lot safer that way.
Most teachers were friendly, knowledgeable, willing to help students when they needed it. School was well maintained, clean, safe and facilities were up to date. My child thrived academically and socially. She has turned into a beautiful, well rounded women. Very nice to live in small community with small school- everyone knows everyone. For the most part most everyone gets along. There were some instances where kids did not always get along but most were resolved by themselves without school intervention. Overall I am pleased with my child's time and experience at Oakfield-Alabama Central School district, and so did my child.
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If you took a crap on Lewiston Rd. You would be doing more for your kids education then this school.
Crappy Principal!!!
Crappy Education!
Change needs to occur in the matter that people are judged too hard. Everybody has their own style, but the faculty and students in this school are rude and inconsiderate.
The Oakfield school district has been truly good to my family, and the staff has always provided attention to the students. It is an amazing school, however, it does lack after school activities for the students.
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