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Oakesdale is an awesome school to be at. Teachers create personal relationships with their students and students support each other in every way possible.
I've been going to Oakesdale for three years now and I am so glad I made the switch. Oakedale has a community and a school full of people who welcomed me with open armed and have been so supportive in everything I do. A good example of this is the fans of our athletic teams. So many kids came down to Yakima to watch our volleyball team win the State Tournament for the fourth year in a row. the teachers and students who stayed behind watched the games online and supported us from home. Oakesdale High School is known for its character. The students are respectful and kind, and the teacher's and staff give us the best possible learning environment. I would choose Oakesdale High School over any school.
Oakesdale is a school very family based. The teachers make sure the students and parents are very well informed on the students progress, The small class sizes allow one on one time with the teacher when a child is struggling in a concept. Each student can grow to their full potential and teachers recognize these talents in certain subjects and move them up a grade level in that subject to allow them to have challenges and consider the problem the have in front of the and solve to their best ability. No student is left behind teacher will go out of their way to help student even if it is during their prep period. Sports are supported by all and coaches even offer to help students in the school work they have fallen behind on. Oakesdale is a school i was lucky to grow up with.
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I have been a student at Oakesdale High School since preschool, and it has overall been an amazing experience for me. Being a part of such a small school means that you have the opportunity to be actively involved in a large array of activities, and be successful. I have personally participated in three sports, as well as drama, band, knowledge bowl, NHS, ASB, and many FFA activities. Our teachers are all very encouraging of our involvement, and are flexible with lessons in order to help us make everything work. This is not the case at a lot of other schools. I will say that it is very hard at times to only have approximately ten people in each class, because your options of friends are very limited. However, in the end, Oakesdale becomes a second family for each of us, and provides opportunities for everyone, no matter their athletic ability, interests, or background.
The environment is safe and friendly, and the teachers are always very helpful and ready to assist you with whatever you need. The sports teams here are hard working, and prepare you for not only the real world but the sport itself as well.
My experience at this school started out great, but throughout the years, I began to get bullied. The school is all about how we are a "family" but I was afraid to go to any of the teachers about it because they just want to be all of the students friends and they didn't want to do anything to ruin that. I don't feel the elementary teachers treat the students how they should and at times are a little rough. I have also seen sports become more important than the academics.
What I love most about Oakesdale is that everyone takes pride in the community and everyone matters. I don't think that I want to see Oakesdale change at all.
We moved to Oakesdale in 2015 and have been very impressed. The faculty and staff have been amazing. The community has shown inclusion and openness to new faces and people. Thank you Oakesdale.
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