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Oakdale Joint Unified School District Reviews

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Oakdale schools are very good and I had an enjoyable experience. Academics are excellent as well as sports.
The community/staff do show you how much they care about your future. Of course, just like any where else; there are teachers that don’t put effort on teaching you, but majority of the teachers in this district are helpful.
It was an amazing school for athletes like I was. Although our teachers are getting much better, our ag Department’s teachers are not good. We have one good ag teacher, but our school forced him to get rid of his class and now the class is a joke being taught by another teacher that doesn’t know what she is doing. Oakdale is a mainly ag related town and it’s sad to see classes get wasted by teachers that aren’t up to par. Our welding teacher doesn’t even know how to weld and just has kids watch movies rather than teach them himself.
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At Oakdale High School, the staff is extremely friendly and open to the students. The teachers are always open for helping others and are always there for students. The sports program is extremely big and our school is very passionate about their football team.
Oakdale is a more of a small town, but I think the school has done a fairly good job. The main downside I think in high school is there is a limited option in the variety of AP classes available in high school, but that is okay. Most of the teachers are hard working and very willing to help students that want help.
There are clubs like science Olympiad and academic decathlon. Most of the money is given to football though. The foreign language department does not get enough funding. In fact, the textbooks have been used since the '90s and are falling apart. The academics are okay, but there isn't much of a variety in the choice of classes to take. There is also a bullying problem that is constantly ignored.
Oakdale provides a high-quality education that prepares students for the future. I especially like the education I received in the music department. My band director has followed me throughout my music career since the fourth grade. I like the way he makes section leaders out of students and allows the band to train in small groups.
Oakdale Joint Unified School District is overall a very great district. As a student, I have had many wonderful teachers who have prepared me for college. I feel very safe in this district and I have never wanted to leave for that reason. For a small district, their sports are quite incredible. Oakdale continues to not only excel through sports, but through academics as well. The only reason why I think Oakdale Joint Unified School District is not a five out of five star district is due to the poor facilities and food they provide. The sport facilities are always nice, but not the others. In my opinion, the administration is not always the friendliest and the school culture is not the greatest. No matter how many negatives I have pointed out, I enjoy being a part of this district.
It is a very tight knit community with a few great teachers but I would like to see more enthusiastic teachers on campus and more teachers that are willing to go out of he way to help.
Overall I have found the high school to be fair. While sports teams are decent as well as academics, I wish there would be a greater level of interest in things other than the football team. I believe there should be a focus on other events such as the drama department and art departments. The teachers for the most part are fair and competent but we are extremely lacking in the science and math departments. Overall a decent school, just in need of a few changes
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