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I liked how Oak Ridge Schools challenged me to do my best everyday. Yes, it is hard to be an AP student at this school, but I know that it is going to be preparing me to be successful in college. I have made friends there that will hopefully last a lifetime.
oak ridge high school is chance to be involve and teaches through out the years matured and how to handle stress and anxiety. the school has excellent academics and lots of guidance people you can talk about any type of issue . the school well help you a lot to prepare for any-type of college career you decide. the school is very huge and theirs different type of race in that school and no body their is discriminant at all everybody their is treat the same way with kindness and respect.
My time in the Oak Ridge School District was pretty good. I was challenged to be my best, and I am happy I was in this school system for all of my education.
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Oak Ridge High School is a place where weird is normal and normal is weird. Everybody challenges each other to be better and it creates such a positive environment that gives a lot of people a safe place.
Overall I have had a good experience at ORHS. There are many great teacher who care about students. Class sizes are not too big. There are plenty of clubs and activities for students to participate in. There is a big emphasis on football, and other sports get little funding.
I love Oak Ridge High School! The teachers are very knowledgeable and caring. They're always eager to help the students. There are a lot of AP classes available. Students are generally polite. There are plenty of after-school clubs and activities to choose from. School facilities are clean. Best high school in TN!!!
Oak Ridge has given me extremely useful academic opportunities. Major Author, a project where students analyze an author and their writing style, has helped me better my writing and critical thinking skills greatly, preparing me for college.
The abundance and availability of so many classes each suited for every suitable is wonderful. There are so many choices for each student and the staff take time to place the students in a good environment.
Alum from Class of 65 and had a son in the class of ‘95. OR schools have always taken their children’s education as a no. 1 priority.
ORHS has a relatively nice facilities compared to other high schools in the surrounding area. The extracurricular activities are alright, but I think that many of our clubs and such don’t have a very active membership compared to other schools.
at Oak Ridge, you are pushed to your academic limits. Teachers stretch, push, and challenge you to be the best student that you can be. However, there are a few teachers that are stuck in their own ways, teachers that refuse to give you an A no matter how hard you try. that is why I am not giving five stars. Oak Ridge is a great school with a great reputation and I am proud to have graduated from that establishment.
Oak Ridge was overall a privilege to attend. I made many memories that I will never forget. It was also the first school district in the nation to be completely STEM certified. Every student is required to complete a year long project called Major Author to graduate, which is honestly the only thing I could complain about. Even though after finishing, it makes you that much more prepared.
Oak Ridge schools are very progressive in their teaching style. Never have I heard of a student who struggled in college after graduating here. I almost went to another high school and I am so glad I staying in Oak Ridge! Also, they are the very first STEM certified district!!!
I moved to Oak Ridge my freshman year of high school. Ever since, I have loved every moment. The school staff and students make everyday enjoyable. If you are struggling in a class, there are many opportunities to receive help. Almost all of the teachers are willing to come before or after school in order to help you understand. One thing i would like to see change is the way issues within the school are handled. Especially dress code. They will send you home if you are unable to get a change of clothes, causing you to miss out on important class work. Overall, Oak Ridge Schools are amazing and i would recommend them to everyone.
It has a very good education and with a rigid curriculum. There is a lot of diversity amongst the students and that is readily accepted.
Great teachers that really care about their students. For the most part, a friendly atmosphere. There is a very wide variety of courses offered at the high school.
Great Academics and athletics. But honestly school is what YOU make of it. The staff goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. It's tough at time juggling different responsibilities but with some guidance and self confidence you will figure it out.
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I enjoyed my experience at Oak Ridge High School overall. I was involved in the chorus and cheerleading program all four years. The teachers are very involved with the students and care about student success, however I feel there needs to be more diverse class options. There is a required personal finance class and economics class, however I have noticed that myself and many of my peers still were not prepared for the real world. Most of my peers and myself included do not have a signature because we were not taught to write in cursive. We also did not know how to write letters to colleges or how to address them. These examples and many others such as how to cook basic meals, how to sew on a button, and other life skills that promote independence for students were not taught.
The Oak Ridge School District is an amazing one. All the teachers are super helpful and genuinely care about their students and their well being. Oak Ridge High School offers many opportunities that students might not ever get at other high schools, such as a chance to teach preschoolers, or work in their engineering program, or shadow doctors at the local hospitals. The diversity of the school is incredible due to the Oak Ridge National Lab where scientists all over the world come to work.
My experience in the Oak Ridge School system has provided me the tools I need to be successful in life after high school. With a stellar education and a diverse population, I was able to challenge myself daily with rigorous academic courses and meet many new people who are completely different from me. I feel confident going into college due to the Oak Ridge School System. One thing I would like to see change is the support for others sports and activities outside of football and men's basketball.
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