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Oak Park Unified School District Reviews

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Oak Park administration has no regard for children. They are pushing damaging gender curriculum for elementary school children with no real scientific evidence to support it. Children have a right to be free from social experiments and parents have an obligation to protect them. They refuse to have any open dialogue. Parents with questions are made to feel intolerant and told that we have no say so in public education. It is so discouraging that we transferred from our home school thinking that Oak Park was a better option.
I’m an OPUSD parent with two children in the district. I’m not happy in fact I’m angered by the recent bullying from this district regarding new curriculum that is being introduced to my elementary aged children. We as parents weren’t given notice nor were we allowed an opt out of this curriculum. I am extremely disappointed, I made bed here because I was told that this is one of the best districts in California.
The experience is entirely up to the students. The teachers for the most part were fun to be around and, while mediocre at teaching, drove me to learn more and overall do better than I would have otherwise.
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My experience with Oak Park Unified school district was fun and entertaining. all the teachers and staff helped with anything that came their way. Also, there was no bullying or fights at Oak Park. The only thing that i would change for Oak Park is that there would be more hand on projects and assignments.
Academics are extremely good and prepare you for the next level; in college. The teaches are highly educated and push you to do your best.
Oak Park definitely challenges students, though it often encourages a competitive atmosphere that is definitely not for everyone. I have found my experience in the district to be overall wonderful, as I have been presented with many opportunities to get involved, reach out to my peers, and expand as an individual.
caters to above average students... not much acedemic support.. office staff is great! cousenlors provide no solid answers on college readiness...
I attended oak view high school and oak park independent school. Both schools are phenomenal. The teachers are guiding the path for bright futures. They are kind, compassionate, helpful, and wise. These schools made me a better person
Oak Park is an amazing school district filled with students who excel in everything they’re involved in. Oak Park is a community like no other - there are beautiful hills, amazing people and awesome places to hang out with friends.
I attended OPHS for my junior and senior year and I loved it. I felt that the teachers and administration cared about my success much more than the private school I had previously attended.
As a former educational consultant, I was thrilled to send my child to a school in such a highly sought after district. However, it didn't take long to recognize that OPUSD administration is more concerned with putting on a 'show' for the community, than doing the work it takes to individualize learning, support teachers, and utilize the parents. If your child falls into the 'norm' of a typical child who learns easily and behaves well then the school is adequate. If your child falls into a fringe category (either a higher level thinker/gifted learner or a slower learner with any specific needs) then this is NOT the district for you. Your child will get lost in the numbers that OPUSD is unable to handle. Many decisions were made by this district administration not in the best interests of the children but rather to obtain yet another colorful ribbon award.
I loved the engaging environment as well as the school's incredible use of technology. I feel very privileged to attend such a great school. The math department could definitely be improved. Besides this, my experience at Oak Park has been very enjoyable.
Great teachers, very qualified and care a lot about their students' success. Many resources available to explore interests and the rigor prepares college-bound students well.
A few of the faculty are lazy and inconsiderate. They have little disregard for students feelings. Such teachers overlook the students' wellbeing for their own. Some teachers will refuse to discuss discrepancies on tests because they are unwilling to be proven wrong. Other times, teachers will refuse to help students reach their full potential. Students who are advanced are not encouraged to reach higher. In fact, such high achieving students are required to suppress their abilities for the ease of the teacher's career. Even counselors have been known to hinder the students learning environment rather than aid them. Certain faculty members respond to requests for help with spiteful criticism. Many such critics have upset students and parents.
The school's incorporation of technology is possibly one of the best in the country. The district is very good at maintaining the technology and is very generous with what we can use. This is countered by the amount of work and stress that is heaped upon the students. Sometimes I doubt if the staff is trying to teach us so we can apply our knowledge or if they are just teaching us for the sake of their salary. There are some teachers in the district who are excellent and care a lot, but there are also a good amount who are in it only for the money. This needs to be changed if we want to have a suitable learning environment for everybody. I think Oak Park is definitely miles ahead of other districts in resources and money, but I think execution needs to be better.
The academic qualities about Oak Park USD are absolutely amazing. I really enjoy the classes and learn a ton. The administrative staff are unbelievable and truly know what they are doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my high school experience and am sad to leave when I graduate.
Very inclusive atmosphere and open-minded attitudes for a such suburban area. School spirit sometimes lacking but still a lot of activities to choose from for those who do want to be involved.
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I originally came to Oak Park Unified School District for their Chinese program starting in the 8th grade. I am currently in AP Chinese at the high school and it was discouraging to hear that Chinese is no longer being offered in the middle school.
I enjoyed the rigor of the school, as well as how much it felt like a community to be there. I also made good friends, and most of the teachers there are superb. However, I think the school schools should address the problem of academic bullying, which seems prevalent in the schools.
OPUSD is essentially a dead-man walking school district. It relies on the "District of Choice" program to stay open. Without DoC, the school system is probably not financially viable.

Teachers are OK, nothing special. Administration is horrible. This place hires most of its administrators into positions they have never had experience with. Consequently, from the Superintendent to the MS and HS Principals, you have inexperienced and generally incompetent administration.

My experience is that a lot of the OPUSD employees are there because they are trying to avoid more challenging student populations or other lines of work. Most are not dedicated educators of any sort.

Think "emperor's new clothes" when you think of OPUSD.
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