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As an alum from OPUSD elementary, middle, and high schools I can personally attest to the excellence of the OPUSD educational experience. Stemming from a heart of strong parent involvement, OPUSD offers a wealth of educational opportunities, a superb nurturing environment, and produces very well prepared and well educated graduates. This district is hard to beat!
It is an amazing district with wonderful schools! I absolutely love it here and wish I had transferred sooner!
Oak Park has taught me to work hard and reach out of my comfort zone. I push myself to maintain good grades in order to fulfill their standards. I have been part of the Oak Park system my whole life, and have nothing but good things to say.
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I think its a great district with a close knit community. I liked many of my teachers and generally had a good experience growing up
There are a lot of academic opportunities and the district is very heavy on schooling and grades. However, there is not too much inclusion and there have been incidents of racism that students have faced at different schools in the district.
Oak Park High School is a very close knit community. There are lots of very kind teachers who take the time to help students who are struggling and challenge students who are successful in their classes. I have witnessed my peers getting accepted to some very prestigious universities thanks In part to the curriculum provided by Oak Park. Besides the excellent curriculum and teachers, the clubs and extracurricular activities that are offered help students excel in both academic and non academic areas.
Overall I had a good experience. The people are very welcoming. It being a smaller campus makes it less intimidating. I was a part two athletic programs on campus and absolutely loved it. The teachers are there for you and if you need help they will help you. You just have to be willing to go in for help. Oak park high school gave me memories that will last a lifetime. I found my best friend here. I learned a lot. Classes may be hard at times, but it prepared me for college. Everyone on campus is there to help each other. Overall my high school experience was pretty good due to Oak Park High School. As of now I can’t really think of anything that could be changed. There are a few minor things but in the overall picture they don’t matter that much. I enjoyed high school all thanks to oak park.
OPHS has provided my daughter with excellent teachers and an excellent education. The school is in a beautiful safe area. There are many extra curricular options available for the students.
Overall, it was a very good experience to attend the Oak Park Unified School District. The Academics are incredibly strong, with especially vigorous English and Mathematics programs. Many of the classes, though difficult, are extremely fun, and I definitely enjoyed taking them. In addition, I love the spirit of the school. I was on dance team for 1.5 years, and being able to participate in football games and rallies was definitely an excellent experience. Rallies are always super fun and unforgettable experiences. One extra feature of the school is the advanced nature of the computer arts programs - such as animation, graphic design, web design and photography. There is a computer lab with tablets for everyone to use, as well as iPads for the advanced students. The major downside of Oak Park is the insane work load. It is a very intense school, and the work is extremely rigorous. However, overall I would say Oak Park High School is an excellent school with many perks.
I think Oak Park High School gave me a good education and prepared me for college but I think that the amount of homework given was too much. Also, I think that there should be more activities for students that are fun and spirited.
Admin is exceptional with communication and spirit, most teachers are helpful and dedicated. However, some teachers could be more specific with expectations for tests. Schools tend to be very academically driven rather than athletics-focused.
OPUSD provided a very welcoming environment to an me (an out of district student). I found it easy to develop new relationships and never felt like an outsider all while receiving an excellent education. The small class sizes and caring teachers ensured that I learned every subject well. The only department where the high school is lacking in is technology, as the teachers in that subject are not very good.
I transferred into the Oak Park district in 7th grade and ended up having a great time in a more competitive and challenging environment. All the teachers were very supportive of all my activities, and the school community was very nice and comforting. The lunches here are okay, most of the lunched are very healthy and rather unappetizing, but the snacks provided here are of good quality. One of the main problems I have with this school is how much parent involvement there is since this ends up restricting many activities from the school.
Great school district. I have not had any problems with it since enrolling my kids a couple years back and I am looking to keep them enrolled.
Oak Park administration has no regard for children. They are pushing damaging gender curriculum for elementary school children with no real scientific evidence to support it. Children have a right to be free from social experiments and parents have an obligation to protect them. They refuse to have any open dialogue. Parents with questions are made to feel intolerant and told that we have no say so in public education. It is so discouraging that we transferred from our home school thinking that Oak Park was a better option.
I’m an OPUSD parent with two children in the district. I’m not happy in fact I’m angered by the recent bullying from this district regarding new curriculum that is being introduced to my elementary aged children. We as parents weren’t given notice nor were we allowed an opt out of this curriculum. I am extremely disappointed, I made bed here because I was told that this is one of the best districts in California.
The experience is entirely up to the students. The teachers for the most part were fun to be around and, while mediocre at teaching, drove me to learn more and overall do better than I would have otherwise.
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My experience with Oak Park Unified school district was fun and entertaining. all the teachers and staff helped with anything that came their way. Also, there was no bullying or fights at Oak Park. The only thing that i would change for Oak Park is that there would be more hand on projects and assignments.
Academics are extremely good and prepare you for the next level; in college. The teaches are highly educated and push you to do your best.
Oak Park definitely challenges students, though it often encourages a competitive atmosphere that is definitely not for everyone. I have found my experience in the district to be overall wonderful, as I have been presented with many opportunities to get involved, reach out to my peers, and expand as an individual.
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