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Oak Park Public Schools Reviews

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The teachers are so amazing! They go above and beyond for their students and the diversity is amazing.
Oak Park is great place to discover your talents and your place to be in today’s world. From our amazing track team to our nation wide traveling marching band it is great to have graduated from oak park!
Oak Park Schools have good after school programs that'll help students get scholarships a whole lot easier before they graduate. My experience with Oak Park schools was pretty average. Rules are kind of strict and infuriating but it helps the school draw in more students in the area. A lot of programs to get involved with, you can even start your own after school program as long as it involves some type of education.
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I like how half of the school would go to something like a trade school during a second half of the day. I would make it resourceful for all students not just a select few
What i like about oak park is very fun you get a lot of circlum learning and you get tutoring and everything
It is an average school, there is no diversity which makes it kind of boring, the sports and clubs you can join are excellent but the soccer team could use some work and they need to add a tennis, wrestling and swim team for kids interested. The schools facilities are okay but not the best, and the teachers are pretty good but if you don’t have like honors classes it will be hard to adjust to the college level. Overall the school is at most okay I don’t love being there but I don’t hate it either. I just wish the school could have more diversity and more freedom.
It’s a really good school for students who are devoted to hard work. Teachers are committed to teaching students and making sure they are college ready. Although it is a great school it isn’t really diverse. This is an open enrollment school.
Very good school system! I have had a great college readiness experience. Not a lot of diversity though.
Oak Park High School is a very great school and has a lot of academics, sports, and after school programs involved as well.
My experience I hope our public schools has not been terrible but the people I've met and the teachers I've had showing me that it's not too bad teachers make up for the school's poor amount of supplies and resources because they make do with what we have and give us a good enough understanding to know what we have to know
Oak Park School District is not the most ideal enviroment to welcome any upcoming students to. Due to police officers frequently having to come up to the school for violence such as fighting, weed, etc. Not only that but many not all teachers, don't do their job or don't even come to work to teach. Such as my math teacher. I would personally give this district a 4/10.
Oak Park High School is a place of many opportunities. They offer many programs and Honor classes to help kids reach their full potential. I myself were in honor classes and many activities that made the school the best choice to receive an education and create your identity.
I liked how Oak Park was pretty much hands on and tried their best to help students succeed. I believe that they could work on perhaps their academic learning and tutoring for students who are behind.
What I like about Oak Park Schools is the effort they put in to keep us safe, and make us feel welcomed and open-minded. Something I would change in my school is the education they provide. We need more advanced classes, and other ways to receive help.
I love the fact that everyone can be themselves! You always get treated with respect. The teachers and the staff is very sweet. The teachers also allow you to receive one on one time with them if you actually need it.
I like that Oak park allows you to be in so many different curriculums. I wish there were more exposure to more sports
Students are disrespectful, teachers barely have any control of the classes and it's simply not safe. Buildings are old and dirty. They even have to need a security guard in the high school. Do not send your children here
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The school itself is not that bad. I Did enjoy the activities (sports, etc.) Although the school could use some improvements in certain areas.
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