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Oak Hills has a lot to offer especially for a public school. Lots of clubs, sports, and organizations for students to join as well as a lot of help for academics.
Oak Hills is a great district! There are so many opportunities for kids in all of the schools. Some of the elementary schools have Spanish Immersion programs, and the high school has amazing opportunities in art, music, and STEM. There is an emphasis on college and career readiness.
I have had a wonderful experience with this school district, attending K-12. The teachers are very supportive and knowledgable. The extra circulars offered are extensive and inclusive. I would highly recommend this school district.
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I liked the large variety of classes you can take. It really gave me a lot of options every year. I also liked the AP classes. I think they really set me up for success and allowed me to get a good score on the tests. I would have liked the semester class for AP US government and politics to only be available for the second semester so I wouldn't have to wait a long time to take the test.
I would like to see a student body that is not as stressed out. Other than that, it’s a very good school district. If only the football team would start winning as much as the band.
Oak Hills High School provided me with a lot of opportunities to grow and advance my academics, athletics, and social life. The school has so many resources, classes, and extracurriculars that I wouldn’t have available to me anywhere else. The staff is great and truly care about your success and future endeavors. Honestly, with all the fun social events they provided it’s hard not to make lots of friends. It’s a big school (my graduating class was 600 people) and it can be intimidating at first, but I’ve come to find through my high school career “the more the merrier” couldn’t be more true.
Oak Hills was a fun experience and had lots of opportunities, though I would like to see activities better advertised.
Oak Hills Local School District is a school district focused directly on excelling students and sports. No involvement with struggling students, and personally, my mental health only deteriorated after attending Oak Hills.
The school offers a large variety of courses to choose from and the teachers work hard to help you achieve greatness!
Amazing learning experience and I would recommend you come here due to the supportive teachers and staff and many opportunities available as well.
Oak Hills is a great school district. The teachers really care about both as a student and as a person.
Variety of classes offered is great but more attention needs to be given to college readiness. Teachers and administrators have been excellent throughout my 12 years in the district.
The school environment is great. It's so easy to be successful here as long as you try because the teachers help out so much and there are so many different classes or clubs you can join. You can create clubs just as easily.
I have been through Oak Hills Local School District since Kindergarden. They have taught me well academically and as a person. I have made most of my friends through all of my years there. They have fun activities throughout each levels. Their highschool after prom is the BEST. It will be sad to say goodbye in 2019 when I graduate and start my life. I will take my memories with me.
Oak Hills offers a great chance for people to really figure out who they are while they are still getting a great education. They offer a wide range of different class options that can really give you a taste of what you might be interested in, in the future. They also have a wide range of AP classes that thoroughly prepare students for the future. It is school though so it can't earn 5 stars.
Oak Hills Local School district Offers a lot on their students and only continues to improve on their education and well being of students.
Overall, OHHS offered me with several opportunities to explore areas that I enjoy. My only wish is that the services for mental health and awareness of mental health grows within the district.
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I am in my last year of attending Oak Hills High School and my experience here has been great. Every year I have teachers who are willing to work with me and other students to ensure success and have been friendly. The only thing I would change about Oak Hills are some of the sports coaching staff because I haven't had the best luck with my past coaches.
OHLSD puts students first, whether it be safety or individual academic needs. The district is very large, but students get personal attention.
Rules such as the dress code should be more enforced. Many students are wearing very revealing clothes that shouldn't reveal what we need to cover.
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