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It was a good school to attend. There were better academic opportunities elsewhere, but they did their best with what they had and who they had employed. It was not a diverse school. This isn't the school's fault, but it did make a difference in social learning for most students.
I would like to see Oak Hill become more aware of the needs of the students they are working with. Some of the teachers, particularly the coaches, can be very degrading and judgemental towards their students and athletes. There is always a constant pressure to be the best. Oftentimes the students battle with depression and feel that there is no other way to please those around them. Eventually those students just give up.
Oak Hill is a wonderful school but there are some problems. It is out in the country so there is not much diversity. The food is horrible and the music and arts program could use some help. Other than that there are so many good things about the school, I have not known any other school that supports their athletes like Oak Hill does. The coaches are also teachers so the support and the feeling that you can trust the adults is always there. The academics are always put first and teachers are willing to stay after school to help you figure out one problem. This is what Oak Hill is made of support.
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The teachers are very involved and challenge their students. It is also very safe and welcoming for a public school. I wish there were more advanced class opportunities though.
Oak Hill provides a very fun learning enviornment with close relationships with teachers and student. Overall I have loved attending Oak Hill
I was a student with may learning disabilities. I was always the kid that was bullied. The bigger school were the worse schools but when i transferred to Oak Hill High School the school was smaller. The classes are smaller. I was able to get all the help I needed and i wasnt bullied here. Everyone knew everyone. I love the resource room was great. I didnt have to battle the other kids to get the help i needed to that i could learn and figure thing out. If I had to change anything about my school it would be the fact that the art room was all the way on the junior high. It was very easy to be late to class. the food would be another thing i would change. it was horrible. I understand trying to make things healthy but you dont have to make things nasty.
What I love the most about our school is that they understand the different types of people there are in the world. For example, our bathroom toilet paper. The janitors always place two rolls on the toilet paper holder. There is always one that pulls from the back and one that pulls from the front. Also the faculty members are very caring and support the students in almost every aspect.
This community is very special compared to other communities. There are pros and cons about the school. For a pro, not a lot happens. We are shielded from the outside world in this "Golden Dome". This is not always a good thing. We are a small school with not the best teachers or equipment, but a great sports program. The one big con about this school is that it is political. If you have not lived in Oak Hill all 12 years and have a good last name you are treated like crap. I currently am the best male athlete to come through and have had difficulty not with the coaches, but the AD and most the teachers. It upsets me that the some teachers will make you the best student you can be and some are there for a paycheck. Overall it is a above average high school.
I have loved Oak Hill. I have been going to Oak Hill since I was in Kindergarten. The parents are very involved with our school, and it really feels like a family here. The teachers do very well with 1 on 1 relationships with students, and they really try to get to know you and help you better. Oak Hill has a great support system and they always want what's best for the students.
It is a very safe and encouraging environment. The teachers want you to graduate, and will help you as much as you can so you can succeed. I feel prepared for college. I love the environment, it is a smaller school, and I like my peers.
I like how I know everyone in my community and can have close connections with lots of people. I enjoy knowing everyone in my school, and being close knit with my teachers and classmates so I can have a great experience with people I know have my best interest in mind.
Oak Hill is a student centered facility that bases its foundation on making each child feel welcome and appreciated as individuals. The school corporation is a close nit family of people who strive to mold our children into modest and yet outstanding adults, ready to take on and achieve each unique goal, based on hard work and determination. I am proud to have my child be a part of this fine community of people and would promote this school as the right choice for anyone who wants the greatest opportunity for their child!
I have had nothing but a positive experience with Oak Hill. All of the staff is extremely helpful and all of the teachers are dedicated to helping students and preparing them to further their education. Everyone is always willing to talk to students or help them, and they invest in all of the students whether they have them in class or not.
I love the Oak Hill community. When I first started there, I felt so welcomed and didn’t even feel like the new kid. I met some of my life long best friends while I went there. The teachers do an outstanding job and I can’t wait to send my kids there when that time comes.
A number of classes available are not appropriate for creating a competitive college transcript. The school is not diverse but has a good community.
People were very nice but the administrators did not want to compromise at all. They let a teacher get away with not teaching and ruining science for a lot of kids and being inappropriate with a student. The environment is good but everyone is of a higher class and tend to treat the students of the lower class badly.
I definitely appreciate the atmosphere presented to everyone. We are a close -knit group of people working to achieve a higher level of academics. For improvement, I would like to see more college level courses made available to integrate into our schedules so that we are able to continue to push ourselves academically.
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Oak Hill High School is a great school environment. People are always nice and able to help you if you need it. The teachers are nice, and they can help a lot too.
At Oak Hill High School, everyone is friendly. The teachers and administrators help you out when you need it, and they actually care about you instead of act like they do. You will make friends quick there and no one is left alone.
The staff and administration are all wonderful. The teachers truly care about seeing their students succeed.
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