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They offer a lot of AP classes, and classes to get you started on the path you want to take. The teachers are ready to help when you need it, and are always willing to speak with the parents as well. They also have a lot of diversity in clubs you can get involved in.
The school district has had it's ups and downs however we are in a great place. Interactions with administrative staff is always good. Nursing staff have remembered my children through multiple schools and use their names when they see them, they don't have to look at a chart. All of my children have been happy with their education. My oldest is a senior and enjoying the culinary arts program that is offered within the distict. My two middle school children are enjoying the sports that they are able to participate in. I have had two children utilize the speech therapists when they began and were graduated from the programs with excellent reports. There are many amazing members of the school district from janitorial personell to para-professionals to administrative personell. There is always one person in each school that families can reach out to and it's not always the same person for each family which makes it even more phenomenal.
Oak harbor school district is very involved and supportive of students future plans shearer it involves college or not. They want what’s best for the students not themselves, they focus on the students and what they can continue to do to better us!
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Oak Harbor High School has lot of opportunities for its students, especially with being in a small town. There's wide range of clubs and sports, as well as an amazing art program. The teachers and counselors do their best to make sure students are on track to graduate, which is why it has a high graduation rate.
loved the football and school spirit. would like to see more parent involvement as well as community. The teachers work well with the students and help them a lot. the staff also knows a lot about colleges in state but not so much out of state for kids who want to transfer.
I transferred from a project-based learning school to a traditional high school during my Junior year of high school, the most important year. I took AP classes for the first time because my previous school did not offer those classes. I was fortunate to have a kind set of teachers who we confident in me and were giving me support. Although the change was hard to adapt to, without the staff members from this district, particularly at Oak Harbor High School, I wouldn't have grown into a successful student.
Overall everything at Oak Harbor High School is pretty good, however, there should be some changes to the sports and academics. I know they've been working on improving the food and resources so that's on the come up. The clubs and activities are great here and many participate in them.
Oak Harbor High School is very diverse and has many opportunities for students and teachers to get involved. The school could improve on the curriculum that it teaches. It should have more classes that prepare students for the real world, such as classes that teach students how to balance a checkbook. Also, honors classes should focus more on helping kids do well in college instead of only helping them pass the end of the year tests.
I love the diversity of the OHSD but some of the teachers are lacking. You can tell they don't want to be there or do their job and it impacts the classes in a negative way. There are also some teachers that don't even understand the material they're teaching and it makes it harder on students who actually want to do well in school.
In the Oak Harbor School District the administration can be very supportive of the students from elementary school to high school, which is very refreshing.
As a student at OHHS it has been a roller coaster! My freshmen year was the best by far and I met some amazing teachers and staff. I love that there are so many clubs and most of them are created by the students themselves. I have a variety of electives and AP classes to choose from, even though I might not be the brightest my peers and some teachers give up their time to help me out. If I could see one thing change it would be the size of our school. We live near a navy base, so each year more and more students arrive. Our classrooms can be a bit snug with that many students. I hope that we can one day expand our school even more to give more teens the opportunity to learn.
I had a great experience at Oak Harbor High School. The teachers were always there to help the students.
There is nothing about Oak Harbor High School that I would change. I've spent my last 4 years at this school. I've gained knowledge, met amazing people of all cultures and from all sorts of places and OHHS has prepared me for life by teaching me practical skills I can use on a day to day basis. Go Wildcats!
Oak Harbor School district is a great district. With award winning music, culinary, and NJROTC programs, as well as 3a sports teams that compete at a high level, this district provides a variety of opportunities for students.
My school experience wasn't the greatest. I was often frustrated with the teachers and the way things were done. But I also loved my school. The people and the kind of things we did was great.
Oak Harbor School District is where I went to high school, and obviously, it holds a special place in my heart. The school district itself isn't all that prestigious, but the teachers care. In high school, I only had one teacher that I really didn't like, and that was only because he didn't like anyone. Overall, I'd say that I got a great education from the school district, although more focus could have been put on STEM fields. Now that I'm in an engineering program, I realize how limited my background knowledge of engineering is.
Oak Harbor High School was a great experience and prepared me for college and college classes. Also the help to increase grades was very appreciated.
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