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Oak Grove R-VI School District Reviews

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I have found my experience at the Oak Grove R-VI School District to be a very informative experience with dedicated teachers and good educational and fine arts programs. I believe that the teachers are very dedicated to their want to teach upcoming students. And, the extraciricular activities such as band and choir are very enjoyable and inclusive. Now, I believe that our safety should be improved upon because it is very easy for any person who wishes harm to enter the school. I asked a teacher to tell me what the school could improve on, and they told me, " I wish that money would be distributed more evenly to other branches of the school, instead of the sports program. And I'm saying this because were using books from as far back as 15 years instead of more recent resources." Even with the changes that should be made, I have found my time here enjoyable.
I like the atmosphere of the school and the wide areas of support they provide students however I feel some of the policies are behind the times and as such are a major source of frustration for the student body.
My time at Oak Grove helped me to figure out who I am and what I am about. If I could do it over again I would not change a thing.
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My experience at Oak Grove High felt pretty good. I got the education I needed to be successful in college. The atmosphere there was good, meaning for me that the bullying I saw there was next to none. The faculty and teachers there are really nice and for being a somewhat small school, I think they did a good job in preparing me for my future to come.
The school does everything in there power to provide me with a better life experience. The teachers help me with anything I need. They will confront me if I am struggling or if I need help on anything. They are always friendly. The community of the school is also amazing, we are all really close. The student really come together on anything. this year we have raised money for a child with cancer, tornado victims, a fellow classmate whose mother died recently and other things as well. If something needs done, come to Oak Grove.
I love the Oak Grove School District. I appreciate how the teachers are willing to give additional time to help students succeed. I do feel parents need additional help on how to help their children earn/receive scholarships for college.
I like how personal students and staff are. Faculty are always available for one-on-one support. However, I wish there was more reward for academics and less focus on athletics.
The community in Oak Grove is amazing. The students are very supportive of each other. The teachers really care about us students and I would never want to be anywhere else!
Bullying is minimum, teachers care about you as an individual, and the band is phenomenal. All fine arts are well funded and so are the sports.
My experience at OGHS was definitely one to remember! It’s located in a close knit small town. We love each other like family and take care of each other. Academics are taken very seriously and offer many dual credit and AP courses.
I have had a good experience here in oak grove with my education. I have gone to school here since the 2nd grade.I have enjoyed all my teachers and feel I have received a quality education that has begun to prepare me for college. As far as changes, maybe offer a few choices for foreign languages to ensure that requirement for college is available for everyone.
I like that it's a smaller school. The teachers really care about the students. Everyone knows everyone and it's a close-knit community.
At the beginning of my son's freshman year he was diagnosed with cancer and needed a stem cell transplant. The school was awesome in working with us and providing a teacher to come in and keep him up with the majority of his classes. They were very supportive in many ways. Both of my children went to Oak Grove since kindergarten. We have never had a teacher that we haven't liked. My oldest is graduating from Rolla this year. I think they do a great job of preparing the students for college.
I like the community support of the schools in Oak Grove and the school spirit. The town and schools are like a family who support each other in good times and bad times. If I were to change anything, I would change the way that the counseling is done to prepare students for college. I did not have the same counselor through my 4 years of High School and so my Senior year, I got a new counselor that doesn't even know who I am and what my goals for college are.
Oak Grove is a wonderful smaller public school with a very family-oriented vibe. In recent years they have added many new courses to offer students more opportunities to find their passions.
Oak Grove high school is a quaint little school where it's really hard to not know everyone because it's a small town. If you are ever in the school, do yourself a favor and join the theatre department and the speech and debate department. The teachers there are super down to earth and really show you a confidence that you never knew you had. If you are ever in oak Grove Missouri, then go to the high school's performing arts building/ weather safety buliding. We are normally performing something, whether it's a play or a talent show. All are welcome!
I have attended the Oak Grove School District since I was in the second grade. I have personally never had a problem with the administration or teachers. Everyone is very welcoming and accepting of any and all people. The district is very protective of the students, and by this I mean there is no tolerance for bullying in any matter. There are dual credit and AP classes that will help you prepare for college and A+ as well to help for your future. As a whole town, everyone is very involved n the extracurricular activities and sports, especially parents. There is many opportunities for students and parents to get involved.
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