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Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District Reviews

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I really enjoyed the marching band and all the Friday night football games. The academics were average however the only subject I think they need to improve on with teachers is the AP Chemistry teachers. I really enjoyed chemistry but when it came to the teachers they always talked about how impossible the test is and how this course is so hard. In the end, we all went into the AP test with no hope.
I love all the opportunities oak creek has to offer. I have excelled since I switched to this district.
i always enjoyed coming to class and seeing some of my favorite teachers and some classes offered became my favorites as well. I’d really like to see changes in areas that concern money for example dances and the parking lot
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I loved how teachers took very good care of students. I loved how they showed interest in our education. They come everyday with a big smile and wide motivation. They are an inspiration. I would love to see students get more along with each other and an end to bullying. The world would be a better place if all learned to love and respect each other. They say that high school are were the best memories are made so let make it meaningful!
Oak Creek high school is very diverse and full of a lot of opportunities. Many clubs and sports for any student. A variety of classes are available to try and see what a student is interested in. From marching band, sports medicine to engine repair and our Knight construction club. Boys and girls are welcome in any of these clubs.
I never felt like I was in danger at all while I was there. Every teacher was always ready to meet me half-way and wanted success for me just as badly as I did.
The Oak Creek teachers seem to strive to care for each student and genuinely want each student to be successful. The school encourages all students to participate in after school activities.
While at OCFSD I found that some teachers were very kind and helpful while others seemed were very stuck in their ways and didn't know how to help students who were struggling. My favorite part of OCFSD is the music program, I'm very excited to see a performing arts soon!
The money is not spent in ways that will benefit the majority of the study body. The school board is corrupt and so are the administrators. All the delinquent kids that got kicked out of their schools are sent here. The coaching staff needs improvement!! (mainly for the girls teams). I don't think the best interest of the children is in mind when decisions are made. It's all about money and the politics of it all.
The Oak Creek-Franklin School district is a very big district, with over 2,300 students in the high school alone. Due to the size of the district, they are able to offer many clubs such as National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Health Occupations Students of America, Robotics, show choirs and more. There is also a big selection of sports, including baseball, basketball, wrestling, dance, cheerleading, powerlifting, golf and more. Oak Creek-Franklin School District offers many opportuinites to all students who attend the schools.
Personally I really like the teachers and office workers/aids at oak creek. Every student probably has a favorite teacher or aid/officer worker that they like to chat with while at school. Though there are incidents where my friends had problems with other students and even after reporting to the principal nothing was really done. Though I've never experienced anything myself that made me feel like I needed to involve an adult.
Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District provides many opportunities for students to proceed to the future. I got to figure out my future which is to become something in the medical field. I took medical related classes like CNA, Medical Terminology, and Advanced Science courses. Throughout the outcome of these courses. I’m now more confident in the field that I’m proceeding to and I feel like I’m prepared enough to become a college student. Also I got to participate in clubs and sports that I liked. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars because our reputation is getting worse throughout the years.
Fights weekly , drugs daily, and teachers who think tickets will solve problems daily. Administration doesnt do enough to stop fights. Drugs everywhere, from a kid rolling a blunt in the middle of class to boys hitting a dab pen in the locker room. Teachers all think tickets and fines will solve every kids problem. In reality for some kids a ticket would add more of an adrenaline rush to see how far they could go until they get caught. The district needs to figure out new ways to see what is wrong on the inside rather than what they see happen on the outside.
Over the years at Oak Creek high school, school was a pain. Many dreaded getting up in the morning and heading to school, that was me! I was a good student, a hard worker but never got recognized and many others felt the same way. I didn’t feel safe at this place. I did what I was supposed to do.
Do my work and behave. The others didn’t see it that way, they look at high school as a playground. Getting dirty and trying new things. Some of which we’re not so good things.So it affected others. I didn’t feel appreciated or wanted. We all just hoped of getting out. Kind of like a prison. I’ve almost made it out. I will always remember this school. Remembering the teachers, the good and the bad. The memories made there and meeting my friends. The school gave me a lot of worry but it made me who I am today. I have thicker skin going out in the real world because of it. For that I am grateful.
Overall the Oak Creek district is pretty good. There are great staff members for the most part and I haven't had many problems. They could work on disciplining better. I feel students get away with a lot that shouldn't be tolerated. Also as a good student, if I were to do something bad or disrespect a teacher I would be frowned upon but those who do it daily just get away with it which is irritating.
The Oak Creek-Franklin school district is very good in the aspect of paying close attention to their students and technology. One thing that could change is the availability of guidance counselors having a more open schedule.
Oak Creek High School is overall an amazing school! One thing that made it so were the teachers that are willing to give up their free time to help students one on one either before school or after, including over email with any extra questions. This high school has guided me to find the greatest of friends that will last a lifetime no matter where we wander after graduation. Quite honestly though, over the last four years, I have learned more about myself than any one topic which definitely is saying something for the knowledge I have acquired through my teachers and peers is immense. During the past few years, I have faced many challenges from family to friends to educational issues, but these challenges have only forced me to become a stronger and more mature student.
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The experience of oak creek high school was a better experience than most others. Look to the north, Milwaukee and to the south, Racine. Oak Creek offered me the most stable and reliable school.
I went to Edgewood Elementary in Central OC for all six years, then West Middle for all three, and I'm graduating Oak Creek High in 2019. These schools truly made me the person I am today and I honestly don't know where I'd be if I didn't have amazing teachers guide me down the right path. I've also been blessed with a job in the district, I was formerly staff at Forest Ridge's after school program in western Oak Creek, I currently work at the Shepard Hills after school program in south central Oak Creek, and Camp OC at East Middle School in the summer. Everyone of these schools is top notch and the students and teachers inside are all amazing people. I am proud to call myself a Knight for life.
I love that most teachers like to engage themselves amongst the students to build and emphasize a more prominent and close connection. The students are able to have their go-to teacher for everything they need because the teachers offer such a welcoming environment for them. The structure of classes is overall great because it is a little bit of hands on, a little independent, and a little with teachers- it truly exposes us to real world educational systems.
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