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Nyack Union Free School District Reviews

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Very good mix of students. Everyone gets along with each other. We have some of the best sporting fields in the state which is great for the students to all get involved whether on the field playing or off the field in supporting our teams.
I love the diversity at my school. Everyone gets along and their is a very strong School spirit among the students and Alumni
My daughter loves her school! There’s something about how the administration and teachers strategies that made her so responsible and organized! She does not want to go to school late, she wants to submit all the requirements on time she wants to get really high grades to be in the high honor roll consistently ! I love nyack school district ! The infinite campus notifications are great ! I feel so connected to my daughter and I know everything that’s going on in the school because of their system!! Kudos !!!!! I’m so glad I am I the school district!
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Nyack has a unique culture do to its diversity. From my experience, there is a unity within the school which most schools do not have. The teachers are always looking for interesting ways to teach us. Instead of lecturing us they would make it an activity in which we discover certain things on our own.
I loved my time in the Nyack Public School District! Like every kid, I had my ups and downs, but overall, my childhood and academic experience for 12 years was great. Great teachers, interesting curriculums, friendly environment. At the same time, it's also like any other high school. There are still some bad teachers and some boring classes, but overall, a great school.
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